A Christian drama could be a good idea….


I like to read and I like to write.  But, I can be very lazy sometimes, specially when I write.  But for some time now, I’ve been sketching in my mind an original story.  It’s a romantic drama in the Christian world.  As many of you may know, Christians do fall in love and have lots of drama in their lives.  You only have to read the newspaper or belong to any congregation of any denomination to really understand what I’m talking about.  It will be a short story with original characters but I have to add that any similarity to an actual living person is purely coincidental.

So those of you who like a little Christian romance, drama and happy endings might enjoy what I will hopefully post soon on this blog.  So, should I name it a Christian fan fiction?  Maybe…but I just hope to commit myself to start the story and finish it.  I already have the whole story in my mind.  Let’s hope it finds the light of the internet.  God Bless You!!

Trying not to do “just another” blog…


Hi!  My name is Lauriann.  I’m actually not new to blogging.  But I’ve never blogged with my real name.  These days I’ve been feeling compelled to create a blog and share a special message for all those who need a word of comfort, peace and a little happiness in their lives.  I don’t know how much people I can reach through this media; but even if I can somehow make one person happier through my writings; then I have gained the world.

You know, there was a time when I was very young and all the other girls like me, who wanted to write about our lives, could only do it if we had a diary.  It would be some book, notebook or a special journal that we could buy at any local store.  I remember there were so many kinds of diaries that the store would sell: they had different themes and features like “Hello Kitty” or some were Christian themed with locks and keys.  I know some stores still sell some; but now a days with technology, it’s easier to just log on and make a blog.

Of course, some daring chicks will talk about their private lives but I won’t. The purpose of this blog is to reach people that I may never meet in my life.  I can’t travel but maybe my words will.  This is my letter and this blog will be my bottle. The internet will be the sea where I throw it.  I hope it reaches to the ends of the world.

You know, I still have some of my old diaries and when I try to read them; it’s like reading the notes of some other person that’s now long gone.  There are so many things that I have forgotten with time and so many people that are not part of my life anymore.  Relatives who have died, friends that I’ve lost contact with….my life is so different now.  I’ll try to summarize 46 years of sharing, living and learning while the rest of my life is still yet to be lived.

Welcome to my world; I hope I don’t bore you and that I can leave a little foot print in this life somehow. Well, in this case it’s a note print.  Thanks for taking the time to visit this page.  God Bless You!