Beginning Of A New Decade

A view from home

Last time I updated this blog; it was with the news of me getting married. Well…guess what? I’m still married and happier than ever. But things have changed a little. Corey is not working at CR England anymore. He works driving a garbage truck. That work suits us much better. He doesn’t have to be on the road for weeks and months far away from home. He works now on a regular schedule M-F and comes home every night. I get to see him everyday and fix him his meals, do his laundry and all the stuff that a wife should to do to her husband. I thank God for that.

We are still going through the adjustment period that all couples go through when they start living together and getting to know each other. It’s never easy but love helps a lot. My husband was raised differently than I was and his focus in life was less disciplined than mine. I was always focused on studying and working to better myself. His life was more of job hopping, smoking weed and playing video games. So yeah….we are working through all of this. But we have made a promise to each other: we never go to bed mad at each other. We have to work our differences before going to sleep.

My daughter is the one who has struggled more because she was used to just being us two. She’s a teenager so it is harder for her. I remember being a teenager too. The most important thing is for me to let my daughter know that I still love her; always will… no matter what. I spend time with her as much as I can; we keep the communication open; I listen more and skip the sermons. It has helped me to keep the peace at home.

Sometimes I want to scream or let my emotions get the best of me; but it’s best to be quiet and think before talking. That’s when praying helps. Ranting to God is a good way to let the steam go. Negotiation is also a good strategy to keep the peace. There’s always a way to sacrifice and compromise. We just have to let God guide us and give us the wisdom to figure things out. There are so many things for me to share about all of this life but I hope that I can find the time to share it all in my blog. This is a reminder that God is good and He is still in control.

From our family to yours: Have a wonderful and blessed new year 2020!

Call Me Mrs. Bonner

Last Sunday July 14, 2019 I got married to Mr. Corey M. Bonner at Hubbard, TX. We got our marriage license 3 days prior at Tyler, TX but celebrated the ceremony at Corey’s parents’ house. It was a simple but lovely celebration.

It was maybe a little short timed because we wanted to be married before Corey went back on the road and before I started classes again. But it was very interesting how we wanted it to be celebrated. We had no expectations; just wanted it to be private and simple with the closest people we love. Of course, I couldn’t be with my sisters, brother or mother because of the distance but Corey did have almost all of his closest relatives. I had only my daughter Anna with me. But that was enough.

The day before the wedding, we went to Wal-Mart and still hadn’t decided how we were gonna dress for the ceremony. Of course, we were very short on money so fancy wedding dresses was not an option. We had already told the invited that it was going to be casual. I had explored in my mind that Corey and I should dress at least with the same colors. So I kept on asking him how was he gonna dress. He never gave me a straight answer.

So when we were at Wal-Mart, I saw a Dead Pool T-Shirt. Both of us really love Dead Pool because we called ourselves the “Dead Pool Crew” at the truck driving school. So I asked Corey if he wanted to dress with matching Dead Pool T-shirts. He got pretty excited about it and soon we found ourselves looking for Dead Pool hats to match our wedding attire. Yeah, we dressed with black slacks and shoes to combine our outfits. Kimmie, our wedding officiant was ecstatic when she saw us; she loved it! And so did the rest of the invited.

It was so exciting and beautiful. The song chosen for the wedding was: “From This Moment” from Shania Twain. I had always loved that song and it casually describes all my feelings for Corey and that special moment in our lives. Corey’s mom Krystal Facebooked live the ceremony and the moment we cut our red velvet chocolate cake. I posted it on my FB page, of course. I would love to relive that day all over again. Good thing about Corey and me is that we don’t believe in divorce so this is until death do us part.

Yesterday he went on the road again; I had already changed my name during the week….got a new drivers license….social security card….change the bank account name and soon the work papers when my cards arrive. Yeah, life changes like that. But it feels wonderful and right. Never in my wildest dreams would I’ve thought that my life would change so drastically. But I love it! God is good ❤

Making our vows in a Dead Pool wedding ^_^
Our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Bonner
Ready to start our new life with our Dead Pool car ^_^

The Middle of 2019

My life has changed so drastically; I don’t even know how to begin to describe it. But what I’m gonna do is write subtitles and then explain what has happened as best as I can. So here we go….

A new house

On September 7, 2018 we closed on our new house. I bought two lots in Chandler, TX and I bought a manufactured house at Clayton Homes of Tyler. So the process was a little tedious and long. But after long months of waiting, paying fees and desperation, we finally moved in during the month of March 2019. Needless to say…we love our home. Even with all the responsibilities that it involves. To this date, God has provided and me and my home will serve the Lord.

Job issues

During the month of December, I started to be harassed at the school that I had been teaching for the last 2 1/2 years. It all started with the 5th grade Assistant Principal. She targeted me…I could only say that it was professional jealousy. But the bad thing was that she put the school principal against me. During the following months, the A.P. was constantly monitoring me and looking for ways to get me in trouble.

It was a good thing that I had people praying for me. It is so good to have a spiritual family who will support you even in the distance. I am so grateful for those intercessors who gave me words of encouragement and helped me pray when I was so anguished during that difficult time.

The issues got really bad by April 2019, when after 4 months of praying, crying and tolerating the abuse of power, the arrogance, the lack of support, the favoritism, the micromanagement, the backstabbing and the intrigues; I was just done with the whole thing. I irrevocably resigned. I had previously made a resignation that was going to be effect on June but I couldn’t stand it anymore and I resigned effective April 18 (my father’s birthday). I just ran out of there and I never looked back!

I knew it was gonna be a huge risk; but I decided to go to a truck driving school in Cedar Hill. Yeah….truck driving. (I was that desperate!) The offer seemed tempting: a good pay weekly just for driving a truck. But truck driving has its catch: long time away from home, driving under dangerous conditions and at the beginning the pay is not that great. But something happened to me while I was at truck driving school that has changed my life in a very unexpected way….

A new relationship

While I was at truck driving school; I met Mr. Corey M. Bonner. At first, he didn’t catch my attention in any particular way. He just happened to have a Bob Ross T-shirt on and that was the first time I talked to him just commenting how much my Anna loves Bob Ross. But it wasn’t a big deal at first. I noticed he was younger than me and I honestly tried to blow him off by telling him my age. But he just didn’t go away. Still hasn’t. Corey was the gift that God gave me during all that time.

I know he is far from perfect but so far he is the perfect guy for me. We are both equally crazy and have a great sense of humor. He is super smart; which was the first thing I noticed about him. And then, I noticed his height; God, I’ve always had a soft spot for tall men. He is 6’4″ which contrasts pretty much with my 5’4″. And those green eyes…I get lost in them so easily.

He’s very different than the Hispanic type of guy that I was used to meet all my life. Corey fears God; he is a one-woman type of guy (Whaaat??!); he has demonstrated that he cares about me and I am in his future plans. (OMG!! He’s a keeper) These type of qualities I have never found in any of the previous relationships I’ve ever had. I have been looking for this kind of love all of my life. This is the type of guy that a woman wants to marry. And I am all for it. So… -To be continued-

New beginnings

Well, I didn’t continue with the truck driving idea so I started interviewing for teaching positions for the next school year. It hasn’t been easy because I have been having to explain to my interviewers about why did I leave the school year before my contract was done. And also, I have to make sure that they don’t call my previous principal because she hates me and will not give good references about me. But when God has a blessing, no matter how much the devil will try to intervene: God’s will will be done.

I have passed many interviews and have been taking picks on which school I will be working in next August. I will be working in a school in August, God willing. But life can only get more interesting…with the good, the bad and the ugly. God has everything under control. The important thing is to keep having faith, praying, believing in His promises and let Him guide us through all of it.

Why To Be Thankful

Today is my 51st birthday along with Thanksgiving and the Musician’s Day.  What a perfect day!  There is so much to be thankful for.  I thank God for allowing me to live these 51 years.  It has been a hard road with bumps, highs and very lows but through all of it; God has taken care of me. 

He raised me up when I was feeling down; He covered me when I was cold; He walked with me when I just stopped; He shined on me when I was in darkness; He was my company when I felt alone; He gave me words of encouragement when I was losing hope; He provided me when I was lacking of; He gave me new strength when I was very weak; He gave me health when I was sick; He made me part of His family when I was feeling like an orphan; He has given me so much when I don’t deserve it.

Why should I be thankful?  Weren’t these reasons enough?  I am so blessed beyond measure.  No matter what comes to me; good or bad; I will always serve Him.  I will always give Him praise.  He is worthy of all our love, worship and devotion.  Thank you Father for sending your Son Jesus to die for us in the cross for all of our sins.

We didn’t deserve it but yet you loved us enough to have mercy and save us through Jesus.  We thank you for everything You have been, You are and all You will be.

Thank you!

The Middle Of 2018

Starry night

Is it just me or is this year going way too fast?  I have hardly written on my blog.  I have been planning to but my summer vacation just ended in a blink of an eye.  On this nextTuesday I start work again.  The new school year is upon us and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I do feel blessed; specially when I remember how my life was three years ago when I lost everything in Puerto Rico.

On this past Thursday I went with my daughter to fix my classroom for the starting school year.  While I was driving to go to lunch after a tough morning, my daughter mentioned to me how much our life had changed in Texas from the way we were in Puerto Rico.  We had have a 30 year old car, no job, almost no money but somehow we had endured it.  I always remind myself that God helped us through all of it.  It was a slow progress and we had to overcome a lot of fears and insecurities.  But that is how God works sometimes when the changes are happening in our interior.  We always have to remember where did God rescue us from specially if we are currently in a better spot.

I still remember the dreams that I had about coming to the U.S.A. and I have to admit that He has everything under control.  Sometimes my old self wants to feel scared but then He appears out of nowhere to remind me that He’s got this.

Being 50 has not been kind to me.  My body is going through some serious changes. I spent weeks going to the gym only to lose just 4 pounds.  I knew something was dead wrong. This had never happened to me before.  I usually lost weight much faster.  I went to the doctor and he found several health conditions: fibroids, anemia due to hemorrhaging (because of the fibroids), hypothyroidism, IBS….well, I started using iron which cured the anemia, and I had to start using a thyroid pill every morning probably for the rest of my life.  Now I’m starting with Progesterone temporarily for the fibroids.  I just hope that all of this makes me feel better cause all I want to do is age gracefully and in good health.  I need it to deal with 5th graders that are 5 times younger than I am.

Now I know why people my age are administrators or work with small groups of kids.  Who knows if I’ll eventually work with Special Education.  I am fully certified to work with them.  But I do know that I have to work until I put Anna through college and she has her own profession.  So I pray to God that He gives me strength like eagles to make this through.  God is good all the time.

Well, I wish all of you a great week and if your kids are in school that they have a blessed school year.  May there be no school shootings; no violence; no drugs; no bullying; just good experiences and blessed testimonies of how God delivered us from evil.

God bless you and your loved ones.


Happy Anniversary Lauriann’s Search Blog!

A day like today 4 years ago, I decided to create this blog.  It’s kinda my personal rant or diary.  I haven’t been too consistent writing on it.  Right now, I have so much to say about what’s happening to me.  I’ve had experiences that I should talk about.  It may help somebody with something.

But I guess I’ll share some of those experiences on Spring Break.  Until then, for my few readers: thank you for reading! God Bless You                       static (471)

Ex-transexual Angel Morell Got Married

Some time ago, I wrote about the story of a young man named Angel Morell whom God delivered from homosexuality and transsexualism but now lives serving the Lord as a pastor and evangelist.  Well, update on him is that he moved to the United States from Puerto Rico.  He is leading a church in Indianapolis; he travels to many countries testifying about how God delivered and blessed him.  And recently, he got married to this beautiful young lady named Mari.  Because God created man & woman.  What He created is good and He makes no mistakes.

This is an example of what God does in the life of someone who surrenders completely to Him.  Nothing is impossible for God; He delivers from ANY sin.  You just have to believe that HE can.  I wish them an eternal honeymoon and may God continue to use them for the glory of His Holy Name. ❤ ❤

New Resolutions For 2018

Happy New Year 2018!  It’s a new year of opportunities and as always….new resolutions.  I was blessed to achieve many goals last year.  No, not yet the weight problem unfortunately but I did manage to get a gym membership.  So I will consider the weight problem a work in process.

Last year I achieved to complete my teaching internship; a teaching position in a school district; after an irregular and difficult process, I got all my teacher’s certifications; my credit score is going up (another work in process); I reached my 50th Birthday and my daughter reached her 15th.  My financial situation is still not the best but it’s much better than previous years.  At least I’m able to pay my bills and I’m not receiving any creditor’s calls.

I got to travel a little bit: went driving from Texas to Florida, crossing Louisiana, Mississippi & Alabama.  I loved that summer trip; it was a wonderful adventure that unfortunately we won’t be able to repeat at least for awhile.  This decision we made was because of our resolution for this year: focus on my financial growth to become a homeowner.

I can’t believe that I’m 50 years old and I’ve never owned a home.  I look back at my life and I understand why I haven’t been able to do so.  The jobs that I’ve had in Puerto Rico paid very low salaries and when I did have a good job, I lost it before I could get a house. So it was a good thing that I didn’t end up buying a house in a place I no longer live in.  I’ve been renting apartments for awhile but this is the first time that I’m gonna “go for it”, God willing.

I believe that I have found the place that I can call home, a job that I like, people that I enjoy working with and I definitely feel that this is the time.  It’s better late than never.

So I pray that you have a wonderful, prosperous year 2018 with health, blessings and a lot of love.  We gotta go for it! God bless…

Happy 2018

It’s Better To Give Than To Receive

Regarding the title of this post: when it’s Christmas; that’s a hard lesson to teach our kids.  This is the first time in many Christmases that there were hardly any gifts under our tree.  I even had a nightmare about it.  I think I just destroyed a part of my daughter’s childhood even though she is not a child anymore.  But though she’s been a teenager for two years, she’s always retained that Spirit of Christmas since she was a child.

Unfortunately, this year was different.  I worked until this last Friday, I could hardly make Christmas shopping secretly like previous years hence being not many surprises under the tree.  Money was tight this last week and I was paid pretty late.  It’s hard to keep the Christmas Spirit when there are so many obstacles.  So I tried to teach my daughter that giving is better than receiving.

Today, we will eat our Christmas lunch-dinner with somebody who was going to spend it alone. We invited our neighbor so that she can at least feel that there’s somebody near.  We bought Christmas gifts to another friend’s kids because they were not sure if they were going to have any gifts.  Even if my money is tight; there are other people who are doing much worse than I am.  We have to be grateful for what little we have because there are people that are doing much worse.

Right now, there are people in Puerto Rico who haven’t had electricity since Hurricane Irma back in September.  Their Christmas has been very sad but they are making the most of it.  I don’t even dare to show Christmas photos because I would feel that I’m gloating while they are going through hard times.  I’ve help financially the most I can; but I wish I could do more.

It’s good to pray for the people; but helping them in any way we can is like becoming God’s hand for those in need.  We are in this world to be the representation of God’s church and help each other.  We can have many resolutions for this new year but let’s make helping each other more an extra one; and the most important one.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


Today I am 50 years old.  50 is such a big number.  At least, to me it is. My grandmother (from my father’s side) was 50 when I was born.  50 is two times 25.

I remember when I was 25.  I was working in Puerto Rico.  I had a permanent job at one of the local government offices as a typist clerk.  I thought that was it, even though I struggled with the low salary.  I thought that the benefits were worth the very low pay. I wish I knew better.

Recalling that by the time I had started that same job, my cousin who had moved to Texas recently went to tell me that she had come to take me to Texas with her.  I felt tempted, yes but I also didn’t want to leave my mother and sisters.  I was scared of being away from my family.  But God has a time for everything.  Maybe back then, the timing was not right.

If I were to talk to my younger me; what would I say?  I would probably tell myself not to get discouraged by depression.  A lot of my mistakes were caused by my internal struggles with insecurity and fear.  I would’ve advised myself to ignore certain guys that broke my heart knowing that I still ended up alone.  I would tell myself to make more in less time; to look for short cuts and don’t be afraid of big changes.  I should’ve stop looking for a comfort zone where I could feel safe all the time.  To get out and dare to seek for something different and better.  I wasted so much time being afraid of failure and not daring to persist and insist on working with my talents.

I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time thinking that youth would last longer.  I look at myself in the mirror and now I see my mom.  I never noticed before how much I look like her.  I hope that I can leave a good legacy to my daughter and that she turns her heart out to God in every season of her life.  We are still here because of His mercy and nothing else.

Just one more thing before I end up this post:  last night I received a message from God.  I had a dream where I was entering in an open room.  It was so clear; open windows, open doors and I saw a radio that was playing Christian music.  I didn’t recognize the song but I did notice that it was a female voice singing.  She had a beautiful voice.  I can’t recall exactly the lyrics of all the song.  But I do know that it was talking about Jesus.  The last words of the song were kept in my mind as I woke up:  “This is my final warning: I am coming soon”.

Here’s to the next 50!!


Between Autumn & Chris Tomlin


I’m sitting here in my apartment in Tyler, TX.  It’s been a long time since I last wrote on my blog.  Yeah, I’ve been kinda lazy in the blogging thing but not lazy from my work which I’ve been doing incessantly since I began last August.  Everything in my job is been going well.

I’ve had challenges but they are nothing tragic and are the same trials and situations every teacher has to face everyday.  I’m still learning; yes, every teacher is a student also. Our students make our lives more interesting and adventurous.  It also helps that I work with an awesome bilingual team by my side.  We work together, we laugh together but most important: we respect each other.  If respect between coworkers is lost; working together would be miserable and nothing short of imposible.  I would be the first one to bail out.  It would be Faith Family Academy all over again and I don’t want or need that ever again.

Well, enough of that.  Last night I checked off one of my bucket list wishes and it was to see Chris Tomlin in concert.  I have wanted to see him for a long while now.  I love his music and I have posted in previous pages many videos of his songs.  Well, last night he closed a two-day concert in Tyler of his “Good, good Father” tour.  And I was fortunate enough to attend the last day.  It was wonderful!  I also discovered that he was born in Tyler, TX.  Everywhere in the internet it says that he was born in Grand Saline but he admitted last night that Grand Saline is the place he was raised.  He was actually born in Tyler and he studied and graduated from Tyler Junior College (TJC).   So he felt at home.

Something we have in common: I feel at home in Tyler too.  I have come to love Tyler so dearly.  I never wanna leave.  I feel so sad when I think of Puerto Rico where I was raised for so long.  Puerto Rico is going through so many trials right now.

I remember many years ago, how God had used prophets to prophetize everything that is going on with PR right now.  The devastation, the desperation of the people, the increase of crime and the people leaving the island.  I know God took me out of there in His time and I’m thankful for that.  Now, I’m waiting for that miracle when my family that still lives there can leave too.

And last but not least, summer went away and winter just arrived.  What happened with Autumn?  I don’t know.  Right now, temperatures have been in the 30’s for the last days and previously they were in the 90’s.  So we skipped Autumn it seems…

Life is such a curious thing and so is the weather in Texas!  Have a great week and God Bless!

Not Giving Up


Whenever I see a road; I think about all the things that I may encounter on my way to whatever destiny I may have.  In life we will encounter many obstacles or stones that can be circumstances or people that will make our life challenging.

This picture that I took while I was walking in a park at Tyler, TX shows a very smooth road; but life isn’t like that.  The road of life has lots of curves, bumps, stones, hills, cracks, edges, inclines and all kinds of dangers.  When we trust God; we walk with Him through all of those bumps and stones in life.  Many times He will take the dangers out of our way; sometimes danger will touch us, stones will hit us, we will tumble on the edges and we might fall down a cliff.  But through all of this living God will be with us.

All of these challenges have a purpose in our lives.  The purpose is to help us be a better person; learn to love, to forgive, to not hold unto grudges, to fight less and let God do the fighting for us.  To go through the fire is to be purified from the hatred, the depression, the extra sensitivity, the ego, the hurting….. How can something that hurts heal us from the hurting?  It’s not easy.

It’s the admission that we can’t do this alone.  We have to surrender our pain, our will to fight with our own strength, our own decisions on how to solve our problems.  If we decide to fight on our own; God will step aside and let us deal with it.  But if we let Him do the fight; believing in our hearts, surrendering the pain and the hatred in our hearts, we will see His hand taking control of every stone, cliff, crack in our lives.  Sometimes the stones will stay; but we will see how God takes care of them for us.  We have to stop fighting our battles and let God fight for us.  He has never lost one fight!

Turning our backs or fighting against God is the worst decision we can make.  We will lose.  Losses will include: health, spiritual peace, mental stability, financial stability, peace of mind, happiness and overall security.  Gains will be: hatred, grudges, fights, unhappiness, depression, physical illnesses and spiritual death.

I saw this happen to my father.  He was an atheist almost all of his life.  He came to Jesus one month before he died: sickness had a hold of his life because he had lived his life making his own decisions.  If he would have given his life to Jesus while he was younger; he would still be alive.  But thank God for His mercy.

Not giving up is always the best choice in our lives.  It is hard, but it’s totally worth it!



Here I am relaxing on my 3rd day of summer vacation.  I should’ve written something before the school year ended but I was so stressed and had so many things to do, that I couldn’t.  I still have stuff to do; but I have a little bit more of free time to write and reflect about how life has unwrapped these past months.

I am grateful to God that He has helped me accomplish finishing my internship during this school year.  So many times, I doubted myself but God put in my path the right people who supported and helped me more than I could’ve ever dreamed of.  Looking back at my experiences the good days outweigh the  bad days by far.

It’s been one lesson after the other.  God took me to the right place and with the right people.  Being a teacher isn’t possible if you don’t have great coworkers; meaning other colleagues and a great administration.  I am so sad that my principal and two assistance won’t be there next year but I’m hopeful that God will have the right administration to follow this next year.

Yeah, my contract was renewed for another year.  I will stay all the time they will have me because I loved working this year as a teacher.  The days when I hated my job seem so far away now.  I know there were days when I felt tired or not motivated to deal with the kid’s attitudes; but knowing that I wasn’t alone feeling this way; praying each day and seeing how God would take care of the things that I couldn’t help so much.  I learned to love what I do.

Unconsciously I expected something bad to happen; it was my own fears motivated by previous bad experiences.  Nothing happened.  God was there; always.  I feel that I am where I’m supposed to be at least for a good amount of time.

God provided me for furniture and money through my colleagues; something I never expected in my wildest dreams.  I found a family far away from home; it feels wonderful.  I’ve been so blessed.  Now we have beautiful and fun plans for the summer and I put all in God’s hands as always.  Enjoy this summer with your loved ones and be forever grateful.


Change Of Life


It still amazes me how our body goes through constant changes or stages that happen during certain periods of our life.   We can only notice the most obvious things like weight changes or probably our height or more  grays in our hair.  But the wrinkles appear little by little and the drastic changes appear mostly in our 40’s.

I went through a lot of weight changes in my 20’s and 30’s but other important changes came in my 40’s specially the hormonal kind.  I remember that in 1978; I was already 10 years old and was finishing my fifth grade.  I wasn’t oblivious about what it meant to have a first period; I was being raised among females: my mom and two sisters.  My older sister was going through her changes with me as a witness.  So that morning when “the rooster sang” (term used in my family to describe a first period in a young lady) I knew what it was and I just went to my mom to ask her what should I do next.  She provided me with what I needed to have at the moment.  I still remember like it was yesterday; but it was actually 40 years ago.  And time goes by…

Now my new memory is how I expected my monthly visit to come as usual but since last December it hasn’t.  It’s the first time it hasn’t arrived since I got pregnant almost 15 years ago.  So, I have to assume that I’m going through another change.  I did the same thing I did almost 40 years ago: I asked my mom what should I do next.  She provided me with what I needed to know and her own experiences.  I’m so grateful to God that I still have her even if now she is far away from me.  I hope that I can be with my daughter when she goes through all of her own changes.

So I welcome this new change in my life.  The end of a life stage is the beginning of another.  I don’t know where it will lead me but as long as I have God and the right people by my side; everything will be alright.

2017 Is Here

happy-new-year-2017-backgroundJanuary 1st: first day of the year and last day of the Holidays.  I looked upon the window since last night and it was very foggy.  It is still very foggy today at 9 AM.  So I guess what nature is saying is that this New Year will bring a continuation of what was going on in 2016.

Many people wanted 2016 to leave so fast; but I remember when the previous year they wanted 2015 to leave in the same manner so they could receive 2016 with a lot of hope.  They will probably feel the same one year from now.  We all have great wishes for happiness for a new year; but we have to appreciate the good experiences plus the bad ones.

The first months of 2016 were not easy on me.  It was a first half year of lessons, trials and transitions.  I had to make a lot of decisions but thank God,  on the second half of the year I made good ones.  Now I’m happier than when 2015 left and 2016 started.

Let’s appreciate the time we have in this physical plane and grow each day in it.  I pray that this New Year brings for you happiness, joy, health, prosperity, good decisions and much, much love.  God Bless You and your loved ones!

That Sweet Bond


When I found out about Carrie Fisher’s death yesterday; just like a lot of people out there: I cried.  I felt like someone very close and dear to me had left and I mourned.  But I also thought about her mother Debbie Reynolds.  I knew that she was suffering more than anybody else.

To outlive your child is the worst nightmare for a parent.  So when the news about her demise was announced earlier today; I could understand why she couldn’t stand being away from her beloved daughter.  A mother knows how strong is the bond between herself and her child.  It’s stronger than death itself.  It can be said that she was heartbroken or that she had a condition which she never treated and the stress of the moment just triggered that physical response.

I admire those women who lose kids and keep living on.  I know that their lives are not the same but they are strong willed and keep the memory of their children alive with them.  I don’t know if I could outlive my daughter if she dies before me.  I hope I never do and I pray that nobody else has to go through such horrible experience.

I pray for everybody that has lost a loved one during this past year. We lost our grandmother and one of our dear uncles last October.  May God give peace and strength to all who mourn today.   RIP Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds.

Love is stronger than death…

Merry Christmas


Wow!  Time is flying so fast, I can’t believe that I made my last post two months ago.  I bet you were thinking I wasn’t going to write on my blog again. Well, I thought I wasn’t gonna write anything either….  But yet, here I am.

During November I worked a lot; my Mom came to visit Anna and me here in Texas. She visited during our birthdays and Thanksgiving.  It was a peaceful time; we ate a lot and rested.  But I also had to take some tests for my teachers certification.  I passed them all, thank God.  He is working with me and in me.

During this Christmas we’ve been waiting for some snow; but no; just like last year it’s been raining a lot.  I hope there are no tornadoes.  But the good thing is that I’m in my Christmas vacation.  School starts on January 2.  I’ve survived one semester and God willing I will continue until the end of the school year.

Well, I wish for you and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas.  Always remember: Christ is the reason for the season.  God Bless You!

Jesus Is Coming Soon


Approximately two or three months ago, I had a dream where I saw myself and some members of my family in Washington, D.C.  We were specifically at the White House, inside the Oval Office.  We were having a very intense discussion about the verse in Revelation 4:7 “The first living creature like a lion, the second living creature like an ox, the third living creature with the face of a man, and the fourth living creature like an eagle in flight.”  The President was not in the office; it was just me and my family involved in the discussion.  We were observing the great seal of the United States that was on the floor and comparing it to the fourth living creature of the Revelations’ verse.

I remember how in my dream I kept observing the President’s desk and his chair.  I could observe different folders of top secret documents.  And then I started to bang the desk while the Holy Ghost inspired me to say this message: “United States, the Lord wants you to remember that JESUS IS COMING SOON!” 

After that message, I felt how my body began transform in the blink of an eye and started to elevate to the Heavens.  Then I woke up.  I know that I should’ve wrote this message a long time ago when I had the dream, but being that this week are the elections, I think it is still time to share it.

No matter who will be President: Jesus Christ is still King and yes, He is also coming very soon. So let’s be prepared. Praying and doing what we have to do.  He has the world in His hands.  Have a great week!

Life Goes On



Three weeks ago, I received a call from a dear friend.  We talked about many things that were going on with our lives.  She is like an older sister to me; we’ve been friends since the early 90’s.  She is a woman of great faith and an awesome testimony.  I was telling her that in the last months, I had been having dreams that foretold that my family was going to have a loss.  That means death.  She asked me, how did I know that.  I had been having dreams that I have been losing teeth and that I saw an old flat tire that wouldn’t move no more.  I also remembered seeing my grandmother laying on the floor all battered and hurt.  All those dreams had been bothering me for a while.

Well, two days later after talking to my friend; my uncle Robert died from a heart attack.  He was my mom’s older brother.  It was a very sad loss for my family.  He was a funny man, loved and cherished by all who knew him.  That occurred last week while I was in a Bilingual Convention in Galveston.

We were still recovering from this death when I just received the sad news hours ago that my grandmother passed last night.  Last week she had fallen and broke her arm and hit her head.  Since last weekend she was at the hospital and after Wednesday she closed her eyes and never opened them again.

I know God had been preparing me for these losses; but it still hurts.  I pray for my family and for those who are also going through losses in their lives.  May God give us peace, strength and comfort during these days.  May us never loose faith that He will sustain and hold us no matter what comes to our lives.  He is Faithful. Always.

My Favorite Season: Fall


I love the color changes of the Fall season. The cooler breeze, the falling leaves, the Thanksgiving Day and of course, it’s also birthday time.  So, the weather people say that the temperature here in Texas will get cooler this next week.  That’s good because the 100’s and 90’s are really getting me tired.

I have a beautiful view whenever I go back and forward from work.  Tyler and Jacksonville are so beautiful; I still can’t get enough of the country life.  It’s so peaceful and quiet.  The Dallas city life wasn’t good for me; but now things have changed for the better.

Let’s be thankful in this new season; I know elections may distract us a little bit.  So let’s pray for the U.S.A.  There’s a lot of people who are praying for this country; I include myself.  Good things are still coming for those who seek His mercy and wait upon His promises.  Even in the times of trials and loss, He will give us peace that passes understanding.  I wish you and your family a wonderful Fall season.