Ex-transexual Angel Morell Got Married

Some time ago, I wrote about the story of a young man named Angel Morell whom God delivered from homosexuality and transsexualism but now lives serving the Lord as a pastor and evangelist.  Well, update on him is that he moved to the United States from Puerto Rico.  He is leading a church in Indianapolis; he travels to many countries testifying about how God delivered and blessed him.  And recently, he got married to this beautiful young lady named Mari.  Because God created man & woman.  What He created is good and He makes no mistakes.

This is an example of what God does in the life of someone who surrenders completely to Him.  Nothing is impossible for God; He delivers from ANY sin.  You just have to believe that HE can.  I wish them an eternal honeymoon and may God continue to use them for the glory of His Holy Name. ❤ ❤

New Resolutions For 2018

Happy New Year 2018!  It’s a new year of opportunities and as always….new resolutions.  I was blessed to achieve many goals last year.  No, not yet the weight problem unfortunately but I did manage to get a gym membership.  So I will consider the weight problem a work in process.

Last year I achieved to complete my teaching internship; a teaching position in a school district; after an irregular and difficult process, I got all my teacher’s certifications; my credit score is going up (another work in process); I reached my 50th Birthday and my daughter reached her 15th.  My financial situation is still not the best but it’s much better than previous years.  At least I’m able to pay my bills and I’m not receiving any creditor’s calls.

I got to travel a little bit: went driving from Texas to Florida, crossing Louisiana, Mississippi & Alabama.  I loved that summer trip; it was a wonderful adventure that unfortunately we won’t be able to repeat at least for awhile.  This decision we made was because of our resolution for this year: focus on my financial growth to become a homeowner.

I can’t believe that I’m 50 years old and I’ve never owned a home.  I look back at my life and I understand why I haven’t been able to do so.  The jobs that I’ve had in Puerto Rico paid very low salaries and when I did have a good job, I lost it before I could get a house. So it was a good thing that I didn’t end up buying a house in a place I no longer live in.  I’ve been renting apartments for awhile but this is the first time that I’m gonna “go for it”, God willing.

I believe that I have found the place that I can call home, a job that I like, people that I enjoy working with and I definitely feel that this is the time.  It’s better late than never.

So I pray that you have a wonderful, prosperous year 2018 with health, blessings and a lot of love.  We gotta go for it! God bless…

Happy 2018