Not Giving Up


Whenever I see a road; I think about all the things that I may encounter on my way to whatever destiny I may have.  In life we will encounter many obstacles or stones that can be circumstances or people that will make our life challenging.

This picture that I took while I was walking in a park at Tyler, TX shows a very smooth road; but life isn’t like that.  The road of life has lots of curves, bumps, stones, hills, cracks, edges, inclines and all kinds of dangers.  When we trust God; we walk with Him through all of those bumps and stones in life.  Many times He will take the dangers out of our way; sometimes danger will touch us, stones will hit us, we will tumble on the edges and we might fall down a cliff.  But through all of this living God will be with us.

All of these challenges have a purpose in our lives.  The purpose is to help us be a better person; learn to love, to forgive, to not hold unto grudges, to fight less and let God do the fighting for us.  To go through the fire is to be purified from the hatred, the depression, the extra sensitivity, the ego, the hurting….. How can something that hurts heal us from the hurting?  It’s not easy.

It’s the admission that we can’t do this alone.  We have to surrender our pain, our will to fight with our own strength, our own decisions on how to solve our problems.  If we decide to fight on our own; God will step aside and let us deal with it.  But if we let Him do the fight; believing in our hearts, surrendering the pain and the hatred in our hearts, we will see His hand taking control of every stone, cliff, crack in our lives.  Sometimes the stones will stay; but we will see how God takes care of them for us.  We have to stop fighting our battles and let God fight for us.  He has never lost one fight!

Turning our backs or fighting against God is the worst decision we can make.  We will lose.  Losses will include: health, spiritual peace, mental stability, financial stability, peace of mind, happiness and overall security.  Gains will be: hatred, grudges, fights, unhappiness, depression, physical illnesses and spiritual death.

I saw this happen to my father.  He was an atheist almost all of his life.  He came to Jesus one month before he died: sickness had a hold of his life because he had lived his life making his own decisions.  If he would have given his life to Jesus while he was younger; he would still be alive.  But thank God for His mercy.

Not giving up is always the best choice in our lives.  It is hard, but it’s totally worth it!