I’m writing this post while I’m in Orlando, Florida.  Yes!  I got to get on a plane at last.  I’m going to stay living in the United States. And that implies that I have to do some things first.  Life is so weird sometimes.

I didn’t have money to buy a plane ticket.  I still don’t.  Somebody else paid for this ticket.  And it’s the third time that this happens to me.  On 2012, I traveled twice and I never paid for the tickets.  I went to Denver, Colorado and then to Orlando, Florida.  Do I like other people paying for my tickets? No.

I wish I could pay it myself.  That would mean that I’m independent financially.  Right now, I don’t have much money for expenses on this trip.  I wish I could go to Disney, Universal Studios and the other parks, but I can’t.  I’m spending all this trip, trapped in somebody else’s mobile home.  It sucks.

But it’s good to have hope that everything will change.  I’ve always had to work hard to obtain everything I have.  Some people don’t make any efforts and they can have everything they want.  I still don’t understand why does this happen.  I feel like sometimes I am being punished while others live in abundance hence they do nothing to gain their blessings.

I know that I’m not the only one who goes through this.  And there is a Psalm that talks about when we see the wicked prosper while we wait on the Lord.  That is Psalm 137.  We need to be thankful for what we have before we can receive more.

God has a creative way for dealing with each one of us.  We are all different and He knows that.  That’s why we all have to wait on Him; some more and some less.  Some people might think that I don’t have faith.  I do have faith.  But there are others who can’t live in abundance because they will forget the Lord.  It happened to me a long time ago.

God knows when I will be prepared to prosper.  That’s the day when I will be thankful and keep on working for the Kingdom.  We have to prosper in the way Job did.  He was thankful in abundance and in his time of need.  We can’t blame ourselves and just keep seeking His love within our lives.

So, if you are having a time of need, have faith.  I will pray for you and you can pray for me.

Have a great weekend!  God Bless.

Between Heartbreaks and Tests


These days I got a little lost within myself.  Late last year I was so focused on setting my sights on my plans for leaving PR and getting a teaching job in TX.  But when the new year started, I got distracted.  Someone came into my life when I thought that having feelings for a guy would never happen again for me.  But it happened, and it was fast, unexpected and strong.  Then, like a flash….it was all over.

Nothing significant ever happened, just some calls, messages and tears.  Illusions can come and go so fast, you don’t even realize when it starts and when it ends. But between all those broken illusions, I lost my north.  My focus went numb.  I hardly picked up a book to read, to study.  My mind was lacking all kinds of concentration on what I had planned for my daughter and me.  And time kept running and days kept passing.  All my plans for studying dissipated like mist.

The day of the test came, I drank a lot of coffee and took it.  Too late to cancel, there was no turning back.  And now to wait for the results.  I wish I didn’t get distracted.  I wish I studied more.  I wish….I never lost my north.  I would feel happier now.  Next week the results will be ready.

We puertorricans say that when we lose everything, we lose “the rope and the goat”.  I just wish that this won’t be the case; but if it is….I will take a second chance, no matter where it comes.

No more distractions, no more heartbreaks.  Life has to go on…. God is still in control.

Have a Holy Week!