Change Of Life


It still amazes me how our body goes through constant changes or stages that happen during certain periods of our life.   We can only notice the most obvious things like weight changes or probably our height or more  grays in our hair.  But the wrinkles appear little by little and the drastic changes appear mostly in our 40’s.

I went through a lot of weight changes in my 20’s and 30’s but other important changes came in my 40’s specially the hormonal kind.  I remember that in 1978; I was already 10 years old and was finishing my fifth grade.  I wasn’t oblivious about what it meant to have a first period; I was being raised among females: my mom and two sisters.  My older sister was going through her changes with me as a witness.  So that morning when “the rooster sang” (term used in my family to describe a first period in a young lady) I knew what it was and I just went to my mom to ask her what should I do next.  She provided me with what I needed to have at the moment.  I still remember like it was yesterday; but it was actually 40 years ago.  And time goes by…

Now my new memory is how I expected my monthly visit to come as usual but since last December it hasn’t.  It’s the first time it hasn’t arrived since I got pregnant almost 15 years ago.  So, I have to assume that I’m going through another change.  I did the same thing I did almost 40 years ago: I asked my mom what should I do next.  She provided me with what I needed to know and her own experiences.  I’m so grateful to God that I still have her even if now she is far away from me.  I hope that I can be with my daughter when she goes through all of her own changes.

So I welcome this new change in my life.  The end of a life stage is the beginning of another.  I don’t know where it will lead me but as long as I have God and the right people by my side; everything will be alright.