Between Autumn & Chris Tomlin


I’m sitting here in my apartment in Tyler, TX.  It’s been a long time since I last wrote on my blog.  Yeah, I’ve been kinda lazy in the blogging thing but not lazy from my work which I’ve been doing incessantly since I began last August.  Everything in my job is been going well.

I’ve had challenges but they are nothing tragic and are the same trials and situations every teacher has to face everyday.  I’m still learning; yes, every teacher is a student also. Our students make our lives more interesting and adventurous.  It also helps that I work with an awesome bilingual team by my side.  We work together, we laugh together but most important: we respect each other.  If respect between coworkers is lost; working together would be miserable and nothing short of imposible.  I would be the first one to bail out.  It would be Faith Family Academy all over again and I don’t want or need that ever again.

Well, enough of that.  Last night I checked off one of my bucket list wishes and it was to see Chris Tomlin in concert.  I have wanted to see him for a long while now.  I love his music and I have posted in previous pages many videos of his songs.  Well, last night he closed a two-day concert in Tyler of his “Good, good Father” tour.  And I was fortunate enough to attend the last day.  It was wonderful!  I also discovered that he was born in Tyler, TX.  Everywhere in the internet it says that he was born in Grand Saline but he admitted last night that Grand Saline is the place he was raised.  He was actually born in Tyler and he studied and graduated from Tyler Junior College (TJC).   So he felt at home.

Something we have in common: I feel at home in Tyler too.  I have come to love Tyler so dearly.  I never wanna leave.  I feel so sad when I think of Puerto Rico where I was raised for so long.  Puerto Rico is going through so many trials right now.

I remember many years ago, how God had used prophets to prophetize everything that is going on with PR right now.  The devastation, the desperation of the people, the increase of crime and the people leaving the island.  I know God took me out of there in His time and I’m thankful for that.  Now, I’m waiting for that miracle when my family that still lives there can leave too.

And last but not least, summer went away and winter just arrived.  What happened with Autumn?  I don’t know.  Right now, temperatures have been in the 30’s for the last days and previously they were in the 90’s.  So we skipped Autumn it seems…

Life is such a curious thing and so is the weather in Texas!  Have a great week and God Bless!