Beginning Of A New Decade

A view from home

Last time I updated this blog; it was with the news of me getting married. Well…guess what? I’m still married and happier than ever. But things have changed a little. Corey is not working at CR England anymore. He works driving a garbage truck. That work suits us much better. He doesn’t have to be on the road for weeks and months far away from home. He works now on a regular schedule M-F and comes home every night. I get to see him everyday and fix him his meals, do his laundry and all the stuff that a wife should to do to her husband. I thank God for that.

We are still going through the adjustment period that all couples go through when they start living together and getting to know each other. It’s never easy but love helps a lot. My husband was raised differently than I was and his focus in life was less disciplined than mine. I was always focused on studying and working to better myself. His life was more of job hopping, smoking weed and playing video games. So yeah….we are working through all of this. But we have made a promise to each other: we never go to bed mad at each other. We have to work our differences before going to sleep.

My daughter is the one who has struggled more because she was used to just being us two. She’s a teenager so it is harder for her. I remember being a teenager too. The most important thing is for me to let my daughter know that I still love her; always will… no matter what. I spend time with her as much as I can; we keep the communication open; I listen more and skip the sermons. It has helped me to keep the peace at home.

Sometimes I want to scream or let my emotions get the best of me; but it’s best to be quiet and think before talking. That’s when praying helps. Ranting to God is a good way to let the steam go. Negotiation is also a good strategy to keep the peace. There’s always a way to sacrifice and compromise. We just have to let God guide us and give us the wisdom to figure things out. There are so many things for me to share about all of this life but I hope that I can find the time to share it all in my blog. This is a reminder that God is good and He is still in control.

From our family to yours: Have a wonderful and blessed new year 2020!

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