Call Me Mrs. Bonner

Last Sunday July 14, 2019 I got married to Mr. Corey M. Bonner at Hubbard, TX. We got our marriage license 3 days prior at Tyler, TX but celebrated the ceremony at Corey’s parents’ house. It was a simple but lovely celebration.

It was maybe a little short timed because we wanted to be married before Corey went back on the road and before I started classes again. But it was very interesting how we wanted it to be celebrated. We had no expectations; just wanted it to be private and simple with the closest people we love. Of course, I couldn’t be with my sisters, brother or mother because of the distance but Corey did have almost all of his closest relatives. I had only my daughter Anna with me. But that was enough.

The day before the wedding, we went to Wal-Mart and still hadn’t decided how we were gonna dress for the ceremony. Of course, we were very short on money so fancy wedding dresses was not an option. We had already told the invited that it was going to be casual. I had explored in my mind that Corey and I should dress at least with the same colors. So I kept on asking him how was he gonna dress. He never gave me a straight answer.

So when we were at Wal-Mart, I saw a Dead Pool T-Shirt. Both of us really love Dead Pool because we called ourselves the “Dead Pool Crew” at the truck driving school. So I asked Corey if he wanted to dress with matching Dead Pool T-shirts. He got pretty excited about it and soon we found ourselves looking for Dead Pool hats to match our wedding attire. Yeah, we dressed with black slacks and shoes to combine our outfits. Kimmie, our wedding officiant was ecstatic when she saw us; she loved it! And so did the rest of the invited.

It was so exciting and beautiful. The song chosen for the wedding was: “From This Moment” from Shania Twain. I had always loved that song and it casually describes all my feelings for Corey and that special moment in our lives. Corey’s mom Krystal Facebooked live the ceremony and the moment we cut our red velvet chocolate cake. I posted it on my FB page, of course. I would love to relive that day all over again. Good thing about Corey and me is that we don’t believe in divorce so this is until death do us part.

Yesterday he went on the road again; I had already changed my name during the week….got a new drivers license….social security card….change the bank account name and soon the work papers when my cards arrive. Yeah, life changes like that. But it feels wonderful and right. Never in my wildest dreams would I’ve thought that my life would change so drastically. But I love it! God is good ❤

Making our vows in a Dead Pool wedding ^_^
Our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Bonner
Ready to start our new life with our Dead Pool car ^_^

The Middle of 2019

My life has changed so drastically; I don’t even know how to begin to describe it. But what I’m gonna do is write subtitles and then explain what has happened as best as I can. So here we go….

A new house

On September 7, 2018 we closed on our new house. I bought two lots in Chandler, TX and I bought a manufactured house at Clayton Homes of Tyler. So the process was a little tedious and long. But after long months of waiting, paying fees and desperation, we finally moved in during the month of March 2019. Needless to say…we love our home. Even with all the responsibilities that it involves. To this date, God has provided and me and my home will serve the Lord.

Job issues

During the month of December, I started to be harassed at the school that I had been teaching for the last 2 1/2 years. It all started with the 5th grade Assistant Principal. She targeted me…I could only say that it was professional jealousy. But the bad thing was that she put the school principal against me. During the following months, the A.P. was constantly monitoring me and looking for ways to get me in trouble.

It was a good thing that I had people praying for me. It is so good to have a spiritual family who will support you even in the distance. I am so grateful for those intercessors who gave me words of encouragement and helped me pray when I was so anguished during that difficult time.

The issues got really bad by April 2019, when after 4 months of praying, crying and tolerating the abuse of power, the arrogance, the lack of support, the favoritism, the micromanagement, the backstabbing and the intrigues; I was just done with the whole thing. I irrevocably resigned. I had previously made a resignation that was going to be effect on June but I couldn’t stand it anymore and I resigned effective April 18 (my father’s birthday). I just ran out of there and I never looked back!

I knew it was gonna be a huge risk; but I decided to go to a truck driving school in Cedar Hill. Yeah….truck driving. (I was that desperate!) The offer seemed tempting: a good pay weekly just for driving a truck. But truck driving has its catch: long time away from home, driving under dangerous conditions and at the beginning the pay is not that great. But something happened to me while I was at truck driving school that has changed my life in a very unexpected way….

A new relationship

While I was at truck driving school; I met Mr. Corey M. Bonner. At first, he didn’t catch my attention in any particular way. He just happened to have a Bob Ross T-shirt on and that was the first time I talked to him just commenting how much my Anna loves Bob Ross. But it wasn’t a big deal at first. I noticed he was younger than me and I honestly tried to blow him off by telling him my age. But he just didn’t go away. Still hasn’t. Corey was the gift that God gave me during all that time.

I know he is far from perfect but so far he is the perfect guy for me. We are both equally crazy and have a great sense of humor. He is super smart; which was the first thing I noticed about him. And then, I noticed his height; God, I’ve always had a soft spot for tall men. He is 6’4″ which contrasts pretty much with my 5’4″. And those green eyes…I get lost in them so easily.

He’s very different than the Hispanic type of guy that I was used to meet all my life. Corey fears God; he is a one-woman type of guy (Whaaat??!); he has demonstrated that he cares about me and I am in his future plans. (OMG!! He’s a keeper) These type of qualities I have never found in any of the previous relationships I’ve ever had. I have been looking for this kind of love all of my life. This is the type of guy that a woman wants to marry. And I am all for it. So… -To be continued-

New beginnings

Well, I didn’t continue with the truck driving idea so I started interviewing for teaching positions for the next school year. It hasn’t been easy because I have been having to explain to my interviewers about why did I leave the school year before my contract was done. And also, I have to make sure that they don’t call my previous principal because she hates me and will not give good references about me. But when God has a blessing, no matter how much the devil will try to intervene: God’s will will be done.

I have passed many interviews and have been taking picks on which school I will be working in next August. I will be working in a school in August, God willing. But life can only get more interesting…with the good, the bad and the ugly. God has everything under control. The important thing is to keep having faith, praying, believing in His promises and let Him guide us through all of it.