Have a Happy New Year 2015!!

Happy bitstrip year!

I often visualize a new year like a book filled with blank pages.  When an old year finishes; the book closes when the final chapter called December 31 ends at 11:59 PM.  What will the new year bring?  We can only wish for good things, health, prosperity or maybe achieve the goals that were kept on hold during this year that passed.  What did you leave unfinished?  Was it a diet, a trip plan, your studies, unfinished work, a debt, a promise…?

Did you have to say good-bye to someone?  Did you welcome somebody new to your life?  Will this new year bring new friends, new acquaintances, or maybe a new love?  You could probably answer the first two questions but not the last one.  But you know what?  It’s better that way.  Let this new year be like a huge surprise.  Visualize it like a wrapped gift with a huge bow.  You don’t know what’s inside; but it’s exciting to guess what’s in it for you.

Live everyday to the fullest; be thankful, be expectant, be hopeful, be disciplined…. If you have a goal of reading the Bible, do it.  If you have plan to take care of your health, don’t waste another day.  Take care of your body and your soul.  Grow closer to God, to your family and to your friends.  Grow closer to yourself.  You deserve happiness, peace, love, good health & prosperity.  That is my new year wish for you.  God Bless You!

I am the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”  Revelation 22:13

blank page

Merry Christmas!

Bitstrip Christmas

I just wanted to post this message to wish all who read this, a very happy Christmas with your loved ones.  The most important part of this celebration isn’t gifts, food or even visiting family and friends.  It’s having a silent night remembering that God loved us enough to send His begotten Son to save us.  Let us be grateful for His love, His blessings…His sacrifice.  Peace on Earth; Good will to all men!


Guess Who Celebrates Her 1st Birthday…..


Yeah, me again.  The fabulous Midna!  And my servants have thrown the apartment out of the window, all just for me….  I’m about to show you how they decorated my castle to my liking so I can play at my leisure.  Meow!

CIMG2940 First, to celebrate this important occasion they put this huge tree with lots of colored lights and dangling shining toys so I can entertain myself pushing them with my paw, throwing them all over the floor.  I can never understand why one of my servants gets upset when I play like this….doesn’t she get that I can’t help pushing around stuff that dangles?  What’s the point of putting them there if I can’t play with them, right?

Oh, but I really like to get under my birthday tree.  The view from under it is spectacular…….

don’t you think?CIMG2941

But, what I mostly like about my birthday tree toy is the little house with the little human figurines that lies under it.

Now this is the most entertaining part of my toy.  I just push them once and they fall asleep.  Aren’t they awesome? CIMG2952

Yeah this is the perfect birthday celebration.  But what can I tell you?  I deserve it.  It’s my castle, my servants….now, let’s see what I should play with next?  Hmmm, interesting….

CIMG2960  CIMG2961



Wow! Time is going way fast.  We’re already in December.  I still remember receiving this year so recently.  Christmas is here again; the tree is up, colored lights are up, Christmas shopping…not done yet.  But this week has been hectic; I finished homeschooling, I finished the voice lessons I gave on Monday nights at church, yesterday I finished the Saturday classes I gave to kids, one project of Pearson ended on Friday but at least I just started training for another one….needless to say, it’s been a week of endings.  But that means that when some things end; other things begin.

This past week we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday.  On Wednesday December 3 she arrived to the age of 97.  Without planning, my younger sister VQ and my cousin Carlos decided to give her a “parranda” with Christmas and church music.  Another word for “parranda” is “asalto”  which literally means assault or robbery.  But don’t be afraid; a robbery had nothing to do with what we did.  We just sang songs to her, ate cake and gave her a little bit of happiness.  If it was actually planned it wouldn’t have turned out to be such a moving experience.  My grandma cried and praised the Lord.  And that’s what we should do.  Give happiness to others; visit the elderly, give hope to the needy….even if they’re from your own family.  Make a difference!

Welcome December!  Let old things end and let new things start in your life.

(Top photograph: Painting made by my uncle Frank Cruz)