Guess Who Celebrates Her 1st Birthday…..


Yeah, me again.  The fabulous Midna!  And my servants have thrown the apartment out of the window, all just for me….  I’m about to show you how they decorated my castle to my liking so I can play at my leisure.  Meow!

CIMG2940 First, to celebrate this important occasion they put this huge tree with lots of colored lights and dangling shining toys so I can entertain myself pushing them with my paw, throwing them all over the floor.  I can never understand why one of my servants gets upset when I play like this….doesn’t she get that I can’t help pushing around stuff that dangles?  What’s the point of putting them there if I can’t play with them, right?

Oh, but I really like to get under my birthday tree.  The view from under it is spectacular…….

don’t you think?CIMG2941

But, what I mostly like about my birthday tree toy is the little house with the little human figurines that lies under it.

Now this is the most entertaining part of my toy.  I just push them once and they fall asleep.  Aren’t they awesome? CIMG2952

Yeah this is the perfect birthday celebration.  But what can I tell you?  I deserve it.  It’s my castle, my servants….now, let’s see what I should play with next?  Hmmm, interesting….

CIMG2960  CIMG2961

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