Wow! Time is going way fast.  We’re already in December.  I still remember receiving this year so recently.  Christmas is here again; the tree is up, colored lights are up, Christmas shopping…not done yet.  But this week has been hectic; I finished homeschooling, I finished the voice lessons I gave on Monday nights at church, yesterday I finished the Saturday classes I gave to kids, one project of Pearson ended on Friday but at least I just started training for another one….needless to say, it’s been a week of endings.  But that means that when some things end; other things begin.

This past week we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday.  On Wednesday December 3 she arrived to the age of 97.  Without planning, my younger sister VQ and my cousin Carlos decided to give her a “parranda” with Christmas and church music.  Another word for “parranda” is “asalto”  which literally means assault or robbery.  But don’t be afraid; a robbery had nothing to do with what we did.  We just sang songs to her, ate cake and gave her a little bit of happiness.  If it was actually planned it wouldn’t have turned out to be such a moving experience.  My grandma cried and praised the Lord.  And that’s what we should do.  Give happiness to others; visit the elderly, give hope to the needy….even if they’re from your own family.  Make a difference!

Welcome December!  Let old things end and let new things start in your life.

(Top photograph: Painting made by my uncle Frank Cruz)

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