Why To Be Thankful

Today is my 51st birthday along with Thanksgiving and the Musician’s Day.  What a perfect day!  There is so much to be thankful for.  I thank God for allowing me to live these 51 years.  It has been a hard road with bumps, highs and very lows but through all of it; God has taken care of me. 

He raised me up when I was feeling down; He covered me when I was cold; He walked with me when I just stopped; He shined on me when I was in darkness; He was my company when I felt alone; He gave me words of encouragement when I was losing hope; He provided me when I was lacking of; He gave me new strength when I was very weak; He gave me health when I was sick; He made me part of His family when I was feeling like an orphan; He has given me so much when I don’t deserve it.

Why should I be thankful?  Weren’t these reasons enough?  I am so blessed beyond measure.  No matter what comes to me; good or bad; I will always serve Him.  I will always give Him praise.  He is worthy of all our love, worship and devotion.  Thank you Father for sending your Son Jesus to die for us in the cross for all of our sins.

We didn’t deserve it but yet you loved us enough to have mercy and save us through Jesus.  We thank you for everything You have been, You are and all You will be.

Thank you!

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