Call Me Mrs. Bonner

Last Sunday July 14, 2019 I got married to Mr. Corey M. Bonner at Hubbard, TX. We got our marriage license 3 days prior at Tyler, TX but celebrated the ceremony at Corey’s parents’ house. It was a simple but lovely celebration.

It was maybe a little short timed because we wanted to be married before Corey went back on the road and before I started classes again. But it was very interesting how we wanted it to be celebrated. We had no expectations; just wanted it to be private and simple with the closest people we love. Of course, I couldn’t be with my sisters, brother or mother because of the distance but Corey did have almost all of his closest relatives. I had only my daughter Anna with me. But that was enough.

The day before the wedding, we went to Wal-Mart and still hadn’t decided how we were gonna dress for the ceremony. Of course, we were very short on money so fancy wedding dresses was not an option. We had already told the invited that it was going to be casual. I had explored in my mind that Corey and I should dress at least with the same colors. So I kept on asking him how was he gonna dress. He never gave me a straight answer.

So when we were at Wal-Mart, I saw a Dead Pool T-Shirt. Both of us really love Dead Pool because we called ourselves the “Dead Pool Crew” at the truck driving school. So I asked Corey if he wanted to dress with matching Dead Pool T-shirts. He got pretty excited about it and soon we found ourselves looking for Dead Pool hats to match our wedding attire. Yeah, we dressed with black slacks and shoes to combine our outfits. Kimmie, our wedding officiant was ecstatic when she saw us; she loved it! And so did the rest of the invited.

It was so exciting and beautiful. The song chosen for the wedding was: “From This Moment” from Shania Twain. I had always loved that song and it casually describes all my feelings for Corey and that special moment in our lives. Corey’s mom Krystal Facebooked live the ceremony and the moment we cut our red velvet chocolate cake. I posted it on my FB page, of course. I would love to relive that day all over again. Good thing about Corey and me is that we don’t believe in divorce so this is until death do us part.

Yesterday he went on the road again; I had already changed my name during the week….got a new drivers license….social security card….change the bank account name and soon the work papers when my cards arrive. Yeah, life changes like that. But it feels wonderful and right. Never in my wildest dreams would I’ve thought that my life would change so drastically. But I love it! God is good ❤

Making our vows in a Dead Pool wedding ^_^
Our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Bonner
Ready to start our new life with our Dead Pool car ^_^

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