I need to share this experience I had last night.  It was one of those special dreams.  I can’t say how this dream started.  But in my dream, I was talking to God.  I could see like a clear mist surrounding me and I could feel His presence so close as if His arms were embracing me.  But the most wonderful part of this dream was when I heard His voice clear as day speaking to me.

Now before you think that it’s a schizophrenic thing or that I’m hearing voices…etc. just read me out first.  The voice I heard was a sweet low baritone voice.  He spoke perfect Spanish, without any distinctive nationality accent.  You see, God is not a Spaniard, or Cuban, or Mexican or Puertorrican.  He is the Maker of languages, He speaks any language in the way it should be spoken.  It was a perfect pronunciation.

I know that I was speaking to Him (I can’t really remember what I was telling Him first) but I clearly heard Him saying: “Canta“. (Canta is the Spanish word for Sing).  I replied to Him: “How do you want me to sing?”  He answered: “They let you sing, right?”  Meaning that in church it is allowed for anyone to join the praise team.

Now during this exchange of words with Him; I could also feel how He really wanted me to sing for Him; that He enjoyed listening to me praise Him but that there was also a purpose behind this request of his.

I answered: “Yes…”  But still feeling His presence so close to me, I remembered that to sing I need my voice. I haven’t been able to sing for months now. So I added: “Lord, I need you to heal my voice.”

That’s when I saw His hand reaching to my face; with two fingers He opened my mouth and touched the back of my throat.  Then I woke up.  But the wonderful part of this experience was that even while I was awake I could still feel his fingers inside my mouth touching my throat.

This is very far from having schizophrenia.  But you may ask: “Why is she having these experiences?”  The answer lies in Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

Pray to Him; seek Him in the wee hours of the morning.  He is available at 1…2…3 AM.  Those are the best times to reach Him.  He is listening in the silence of the night.  He is always there waiting for you to call.  And He will show you mysteries and you will be able to do wonderful things in the name of Jesus for the growth of His kingdom on Earth.



Have you ever had a dream that comes true?  It has happened to me many times but lately I’ve had two experiences with dreams that I’ve never had before, like finding out that details revealed in my dreams are in fact; true.

The first one was a dream that I had probably like a month ago or so.  I don’t remember well the details.  I just remember seeing in my dream my daughter’s best friend and her mother.  Anna and I were supposedly going with them to the state of Tennessee.  (They own a house in Florida, not Tennessee).

(One of the reasons that this is strange is because the only places I knew about Tennessee were Nashville and Franklin.  Besides that, I didn’t know any other places from that state.)  Well, in my dream we were going to a place called Portland.  In my dream I clearly saw the map of the state and on the Northeast of Nashville I saw where it was located.  When I woke up from the dream, I was curious about the info that I had just received and when I searched on my cell phone if there was a place called Portland, Tennessee: I got goosebumps when I found it and almost exactly located where I saw it on the map of my dreams.  I can assure you that I have never heard in my life about this place before.

Well, last night I went through a very similar experience.  I dreamed that I was talking to a man.  In our conversation, which I can’t remember the details but I can remember telling him that I would probably get him something for his birthday which was going to be on Saturday, August 6.  In my dream I clearly saw the calendar and August 6 was on a Saturday.  (I never know which day of the week is gonna be a certain day of the month unless I look for it.  I haven’t been looking at the August calendar lately if ever at all.  I have no reason why.)  When I woke up from the dream, I didn’t remember immediately the calendar detail, but when I did; I got curious.  I looked upon my cell phone’s calendar and there it was: just as I saw in my dream….August 6 will fall on a Saturday.  That was so weird.

Will I ever visit Portland, Tennessee?  I don’t know.  What’s gonna happen on Saturday August 6?  Let’s just wait and see.  But these kind of experiences sometimes keep me wondering.  Have you ever gone through that experience?  Did anything happen? Well,  enjoy the rest of your weekend and hopefully there will be more mysteries to unfold.

Illustration by Anna Lorraine.

Friday The 13th

Last Friday the 13th happened in November 2015.  It was a sad day.  France was victim of a terrorist act and I lost my job at the school I was working.  It was also my brother’s birthday. (But that’s not a sad thing).

Today is also Friday the 13th and it’s my cousin’s birthday.  And I also lost my job today.  And I’m OK with it; being humiliated constantly by people who have hatred in their heart is not  working in a healthy working environment.  God will pay and He is still my Provider.  It’s a good thing that there hasn’t been any terrorists attacks. (At least, not that I know of…).

I can’t help to think, is it me?  I was respectful, punctual, I was studying my material and I worked alone.  It was understandable to sometimes make mistakes; I had just been learning to do that job for a month.  But hatred is intolerable, unfair, critical, disrespectful, inconsiderate, unmerciful and ruthless.  But just like last time, I put my situation before the Lord.  Last time, He fought for me and He paid for the injustice.  I know He will do it again.  I’ll probably never know; but I rest assured that He will provide for my daughter and me.

And devil….this is for you:  “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return.  The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:20.



How Was Your Mother’s Day?


Mothers day trinity

This photo was taken this morning at church.  I needed to go to my Father’s house.  These days have been very hard for me.  I’ve been tested again; I guess these are tests that I need to pass to better myself and to learn how to trust the Lord completely.  But God has been helping me.

I think this has been the first Mother’s Day that I’ve spent far away from my mom.  I miss her.  We spoke today through Skype.  I felt homesick but I do know that God wants me here.  I still don’t have a clearly reason why am I going through all these trials.

But this morning when I went to church; just a few seconds after I parked my car, I looked at my windshield and there was this bird looking at me.  I was completely shocked!  Why was it there staring at me? Somehow I knew that God was sending me a message.  You see…God takes care of all the birds.  They are closer to Him than any other animal that I’ve read about.

When I got out of the car and walked through the doors then I remembered this verse from Psalm 91:4 “He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge.”  I thanked Him; God is the only One who can deeply move me like this.

Yes, today was a peaceful day.  I hope yours was also blessed.  Kiss your mom, make her feel special everyday.  Let’s always pray for each other.  Prayer is a powerful thing.  God Bless You.