2017 Is Here

happy-new-year-2017-backgroundJanuary 1st: first day of the year and last day of the Holidays.  I looked upon the window since last night and it was very foggy.  It is still very foggy today at 9 AM.  So I guess what nature is saying is that this New Year will bring a continuation of what was going on in 2016.

Many people wanted 2016 to leave so fast; but I remember when the previous year they wanted 2015 to leave in the same manner so they could receive 2016 with a lot of hope.  They will probably feel the same one year from now.  We all have great wishes for happiness for a new year; but we have to appreciate the good experiences plus the bad ones.

The first months of 2016 were not easy on me.  It was a first half year of lessons, trials and transitions.  I had to make a lot of decisions but thank God,  on the second half of the year I made good ones.  Now I’m happier than when 2015 left and 2016 started.

Let’s appreciate the time we have in this physical plane and grow each day in it.  I pray that this New Year brings for you happiness, joy, health, prosperity, good decisions and much, much love.  God Bless You and your loved ones!

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