Former transexual Angel Morell will visit the U.S.A


For those of you who live in the U.S.A. (specifically in the Florida area) and if you are interested in witnessing how God can transform a young man from the claws of sexual abuse, drugs and homosexuality into a servant of God: know that Evangelist Angel Morell will be visiting Vero Beach & Palm Bay in Florida on August 23 and 24.  The above image has the phone numbers and addresses about these glorious services.  He will also have available his powerful testimony in DVD.  More info about that on his Facebook page.

Hope that you can be there and be uplifted by the powerful Word of God!  GbY

You can get the DVD of his testimony at the email address in this video:

Meet Angel Morell; Former Transsexual Now Servant of God


I wish to share with you the testimony of this young man who God rescued from homosexuality.  This story really touched my heart, because as a mother and a teacher of young children, I can hardly understand why young kids go through sexual abuse.  We need to pray for the children and the youth of this world.  The world needs to know that God STILL has the power to transform a man or a woman from homosexuality or any form of sexual deviation, transgender/transsexual, adultery, fornication, bestiality…ect.  A lot of people believe that this is not possible; but the Bible begs to differ.  God is still King; He can still perform miracles: He can still free us from sin.  If anybody says that a gay person was just born that way; they don’t know how powerful God can really be!!!

Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God.”

Morell Santiago, son of Mr. Angel Francisco Morell and Mrs. Carmen Santiago, brother of Elfi Martinez, Jessica Martinez, Felito Martinez and Kenia Martinez was raised by his grandfather Juan Santiago in his native country Puerto Rico.

Angel Morell Santiago’s life was from the beginning very dramatic, because when he was three years old, his mother abandoned him in a trash can and he never got associated with his parents again.

At five years old, Angel was sexually abused by his relatives. “I told my professor and school authorities what was happening to me, they took me out of the house and I was sent to a foster home,” narrated Angel to the reporter COCN, Rubi Adames.

After spending time through many foster homes, he escaped and found refuge in the streets, there he was forced to endure sexual relations with men so he could feed himself.

When he was 15 years old and alone in his life; he became “Melania Hilton of Paris”,  and with that female fairness he developed activities that only added suffering to his life.

With only 17 years old, he moved to Ecuador to have plastic surgeries where he invested approximately $170,000 in implants and surgeries.

Angel M2  Angel M

He participated in five porn movies and in many occasions he was almost murdered, he was stabbed, he was constantly robbed and mugged and he was imprisoned in many occasions.  He was involved in drugs and witchcraft, all of that time seeking “to fill the void that he felt since he was a child” he narrates.

“I tried to take my own life many times, but I could never achieve it because the hand of God was behind me, and He had a special purpose for my life”, he tells.

Among the processes fulfilled for his sex change there were surgeries to his nose, breasts, liposuction, laser treatment, among others.  When he was about to have surgery on his genitals, the unexpected occurred: “I saw the face of God that stopped me”.

Angel says that his acquaintances accepted him because of the financial position he had obtained by means of prostitution.  He says that “for them, my multiple changes were something normal because they cared more about my money than my own suffering.”

Today, 25-year-old Angel Morell Santiago, is a man totally changed by God. “Only to Him I owe all of my transformation,” expressed Morell. In the year 2010, he accepted Jesus and four years with four months ago, his life has been different.

“One day while I was very sad inside my room, I felt that the world meant nothing to me anymore, nothing that I did replenished me…but I had a vision where I saw my ex-mate on the bed and beside him there was a demon that looked at me and I saw that blood was pouring from it’s hands.  When I rotated the mirror I saw myself transformed into a horrible monster with a crown of snakes on my head. When I tried to go to the street, very frightened and asking for help, I found a huge rat that wanted to bite me, suddenly I heard a voice that told me to look beside me and I saw a hammer, like the ones used in court and the voice told me to hit the rat with that hammer and the rat disappeared,” he adds. “Suddenly I looked upon the sky and I felt how a light came into my life and the pain disappeared for ever,” he narrates that the tears stopped coming out of his eyes and from that moment the change started to get noticed.

“A lot of people around me didn’t believe in my change, in fact, a lot of them still don’t believe it, however, only I know what God has done in my life and that is enough.”

Nowadays, Angel lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico and he’s committed to preach the gospel from his congregation, “I live by Faith Breaking Barriers Church” (Iglesia Rompiendo Barreras Vivo por Fe) where he testifies about his transformation.

He expresses feeling totally happy and renewed “by the new life that I’ve experienced in Jesus Christ,” he ends up saying: “My biggest eagerness is that millions of people, like me, come to know Christ and can be saved.”

Translated from Spanish to English by Lauriann Cruz

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