Ten Things I Am Thankful for:

Happy Thanksgiving

1)  God’s mercy for another day of life.

2)  For all the bad things that didn’t happen and for all the bad things that did happen.

3)  For all the great things that have happened and all the greater things yet to come.

4)  For all the love, peace, madness, craziness, laughter, tears, depressions, hate, fights, kisses, hugs, disappointments, embarrassments…etc: it means that I’m still alive!

5) For all my family, friends, acquaintances I have shared all of my life and for those that I will still meet on the following years.

6) For the talents I have been given and the opportunity of sharing them with others.

7) For my health, for what I have, for what I have lost and for all I will gain.

8) For the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained and for the knowledge and wisdom that I still lack.

9) For sacrifices….the most powerful demonstration of love.

10) For the chance of saying: Thank you God!

Just sharing a very small list of all the things that I am thankful for today.   What are you thankful for?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!