Dear Iguana


I know it’s not your fault that your kind was brought to this island.  I also know that you are running free without any natural predators that could stop you.  You are not from this place, iguana; you were brought here by people who could care less about the dangers that they could do to our ecosystem.  Iguana, I don’t want to harm you; but everytime I go to my car and see your droppings all over it, I can’t help but get mad.

Today, while I washed my car, I was talking to you.  Yeah, I know that it sounds crazy, iguana.  But you have bothered me more than you will ever know.  I can’t help to park my car under your favorite tree.  That parking was assigned to me.  But you have transformed my car into your own personal toilet and while I was washing it today; apart from being truly disgusted by the stench, I wished that the guys who work in the chinese restaurant near my apartment would capture you.

If they get you iguana; you will probably end up being a nice dish of pepper chicken.  And I wish from the bottom of my heart, that the same people who brought your kind to this island, are pepper chicken lovers…

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