In August 2013, I felt the need to do something different in my life. I had always heard about sponsorship programs whenever I saw those sad commercials where they show you very thin kids with even flies surrounding their faces. It always made my heart churn to see kids crying and begging for food.
All those commercials make you think about how well you got it even if you know that life is not easy where you live. It seems that everything gets more expensive; the more you got, the more you have to spend.
But those commercials show you what you can’t see otherwise because you don’t have enough money to travel and see how poor can other folks be.
We are poor but at least we can manage, right? There are others out there that can’t manage. There are other people in other countries that have to maintain a family of 4 with only $194/monthly. How can they do it?
I have to manage with $600/monthly with only my daughter and me and it is very hard. It is extremely hard sometimes. I know it has to do with the place I live. Food here is very expensive when you compare it to the mainland U.S.
I always use the milk example: in the states you can get a gallon of milk for aproximately $2.50 depending on the state you live. Here in Puerto Rico a gallon of milk is $6.00 and they want to increase the price.  And milk here is not imported or exported.
And if you’re like me; lactose intolerant, then you have a bigger problem.  A half gallon of lactose free milk is $6.00. If I want a whole gallon, I have the pay the whooping price of $12.00. Consuming milk and it’s derivatives is a luxury in Puerto Rico.
But I didn’t want to write about food; the thought of it, it’s just too depressing. I want to talk about blessing others. We can make a different for the less fortunate, even if we overpay for milk unnecessarily.
That’s why in August of last year, while in the midst of poverty, I made numbers and decided to sponsor a child.
I heard of Compassion through the Contemporary Christian Music ministry.  I searched the internet to make sure it was not a scam or a hoax.
After my inquiries I went into the Compassion site and decided that I wanted to sponsor a child born specifically in November 23. That’s my daughter’s birthday and I allowed my daughter to choose the child we would sponsor.  I wanted her to be a part of such an important decision.
My daughter selected a girl from Peru who had been waiting for a sponsor for more than a year.
Her name is Keila Yvette and we’ve been sponsoring her for almost a year. She was 4 years old when we started sponsoring her. Now she will be turning 6 in November.
Sometimes I like to image how happy her family must’ve felt when they got the news that after more than one year on a waiting list; someone got interested in helping their little girl.
There are no words to describe the happiness we feel whenever we receive a letter from her. In her last letter, she called me “madrina”. That literally means ‘godmother’. I was so touched the day I received that letter and read those words.
Today I saw a photo of how she’s been. She has grown sooo much, she looks very happy in comparison from the last photo that was posted on the Compassion site.
I loved her pink Minnie Mouse clothes. She looks well fed, well taken care of & her smile made my heart overflowed with joy. I wish I could travel and meet her.
Compassion will be hosting a trip to Peru in June 2015 and they will be opening the seats in August 2014. I really wish I had the money to go; but even if I can’t, I’m so satisfied to make a change in her life.
But I’m praying because God will continue to help us, help her.
Today I just want to tell you, the reader, make a difference in someone else’s life. There’s no greater satisfaction to know that you are loved, needed….and when you’re gone….you will be missed.
Enjoy your weekend! GbY

Sponsor a child!


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