A long time ago I heard that when an airplane crashes, other aircrafts will crash too.  Well, it seems that these days, that old saying has become true.  While I watched the news and cried my eyes out watching the numerous children that were killed in these flights and all the stories of the parents and relatives mourning their loved ones, I could only pray for them.

What else can we do?  The human being is only capable of supplying the physical needs; but who reaches the broken hearted?  Sometimes the pain of loss is unbearable, and lots of people can’t stand the pain and end up ending their lives because they have no one to rely on.

That’s why we pray; because if we can’t reach them at least God can.  Even though we know that life is hard and it will get harder we can recite the Word of God seeking comfort and increasing our faith.  We live by faith not by sight.  Faith helps fight despair and hopelessness in our lives.  It’s funny how the most important things in our lives are those that we cannot see.

That’s just a small demonstration that all of us; even those who don’t believe in God, have to recur to the invisible to seek happiness and fulfilment in our lives.  If love is real….and God is love….then God is real!

BTW, I have to stop watching news about airplane crashes; I live just in front of an airport and it doesn’t do me good.


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