Too much reading

I haven’t been able to update this blog because I’ve been studying and working online.  You see, I am taking a course so I can move from Puerto Rico to Texas.  It’s not an easy move, it took me a while to take this decision.  I’ve been living in Puerto Rico for more than 40 years but the time has come to do something drastic and adventurous.   I’ve been praying and it hasn’t been easy; but the door has opened and I just went for it.  I had an orientation with Region 4 (this is a company that visits Puerto Rico like 2 times a year to recruit bilingual teachers).  I liked what they offered and I took my chances.  I started their course on October 11.  It has been good, but I’ve been reading like crazy.

You might think that that is not much to do, but the studying thing is taking a lot of my time right now.  Like in this week alone, I have to read 7 chapters of 2 different books, watch presentations of each chapter, make graphic organizers, do assignments plus complete an assessment of each class. As you can imagine, I still haven’t finished the reading part, some of the assignments plus the assessments.  Yeah, still lot to do….

I’m doing this to get prepared for the TeXes tests that I will take in the following months so that I can be a certified bilingual teacher in the Houston area.  What I’m still wondering is….(and I know that I’m not the only one), if I pass these courses but don’t pass the TeXes, what then???

I know I still have to pay the course, but at least they should use these grades to add some points to those TeXes scores.  These courses are really exhausting.  I constantly read about other candidates taking this course, who work and study in other colleges, they whine about how much work they have and how difficult it has been for them to do this.

I wonder how much we have to keep sacrificing from our lives just to achieve a better live for ourselves and our loved ones.  I know I’m not the only one and many more will follow after me.  I just pray that everything will be all worth it.

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