New Year: New Hope


Lying here on my bed (well, not a bed actually….I sleep on top of two pieces of foam, a sleeping bag and a quilt) I started reflecting on my lessons from the past year.  It was such an intense year.  Moving from one country to another.  Starting all over again, taking risking decisions; it’s all part of the process of living and changes.

I learned that even though making life changing decisions isn’t easy; you won’t know if the outcome will work unless you try.  You have to fight insecurities, fear of the unknown, loss of faith and many other mind bogging dilemmas.  But I remembered telling my daughter, months before we left Puerto Rico, that I had to take a risk because I didn’t want to end up asking myself in the future: What if?

I learned to have faith.  Losing my job as a teacher after three months of intense work made me have more faith.  It wasn’t easy, some insecurities wanted to take over and I can’t deny that I even got depressed.  That’s one of the flaws of being human.  But God never failed me.

He confirmed over and over again that this change came from Him.  The devil was not happy and used that old principal to make me doubt God.  I still remember being shocked but calm.  When the days passed by and I started receiving phone calls for job interviews, I knew that everything would be alright.

If God moves you; He will back you up.  Even if something bad happens; which it will most likely happen, just keep praying and doing what you’re supposed to do.  Don’t let depression or fear put you down or make you anxious.  He will arrive in perfect timing.

Right now, I rest assured that He is showing me the way.  Each day is different than the last one and you will see how life will surprise you.

So don’t lose your hope in your journey; the best is yet to come!

(Drawing by Anna Lorraine)

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