Someone Else


Just to let you know how important Someone Else has been in my life:

When I was born, my mom didn’t name me: Someone Else did.

When I was growing up at school, the kids would never pick me in games. They always picked Someone Else.

Whenever I fell in love with a guy; he would always choose Someone Else.

I applied to many jobs these past weeks; but the prospective employer’s letters came back saying they had selected Someone Else for the positions.

I played the Powerball and Someone Else won.

I’m starting to feel that Someone Else is following me wherever I go.

I just wish that whenever I have to pay a bill; Someone Else would have to pay it.  But that’s where Someone Else never shows up…

So whenever you feel that Someone Else is taking away your stuff; just remember that Somebody Else is going through the same situation.

Illustration by Anna Lorraine



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