When God Answers

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If God has answered one of your prayers, I bet you feel like dancing.  I feel the same way. And right now, I feel like dancing.  But before dancing, when God answered my prayer; I had to be thankful.  When we are thankful we should tell everybody what He did for us.  We can’t focus in what we did; we probably felt fear, doubt or sadness at some point.  It happens….but let’s recognize when God erased that uneasiness away and transformed it into a little bit of faith.  It doesn’t have to be too much.  We just need faith similar in size to a little seed of mustard.

Just four months after I was unjustly fired from my teaching job; yesterday I accepted a permanent position in Dallas County as a clerk in a courtroom.  It’s a job with benefits, not a contract like a teaching position which has to be renewed annually. To me, that represents stability instead of jumping from temp job to temp job. It may not pay as much as a teaching job but I won’t be living in poverty either.  It will give my daughter and me a decent living; it will help me to help others and also serve the Lord.  What God provides is good because that’s the way He is.  He is good.  He gives us exactly what we need.  So now I’m sharing with you what He did to me.  Believe that He will provide for you.  Believe that He will answer your prayer.  Because God is good!

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