The Perfect Candidate

Trump & Hillary

These days where politics are making headlines toward our next elections; I hear what each political party is offering through their candidates.  I have already made my mind about who I’m gonna vote for but I have to admit that I’m don’t agree completely on what my candidate offers.  I think that Democrats and Republicans are completely opposites in many things and I wish there was a candidate that would have a posture right in the middle of both.  For example; my ideal candidate would:

  • Be more strict with immigration but not in the extreme of exercising mass deporting. I do believe that every citizen has to be legal and that something HAS to be done with the illegal immigration.  But I also believe that we can’t separate families in-distinctively.  I also think that we can’t have Syrians running all around the country because of what has been done in their countries.  Not all Muslims are bad….but who can completely tell who is who?  It’s a matter of national security to let dubious characters who could be terrorists in disguise easy access to our country.  Terrorist attacks are a reality and there are threats done.  We can’t be so trusting.
  • This country needs to help Veterans and the Military but not in the extreme of neglecting the poor or starting wars with other countries.
  • There should be more rigid laws for gun control.  Too many crazy people have easy access to dangerous weapons.  These shoot outs have to stop.
  • I believe in equality but not in gay marriage.  LGBT are people and they deserve to be treated like human beings, they deserve to have jobs, be treated well in hospitals, buy houses and have a decent living but the church can never recognize their union as legal.  Marriage is a sacred union institutionalized by God.  If they want to have legal unions….it shouldn’t be done by a “marriage”; they could use another legal resource for same sex unions like maybe a legal partnership to assure inheritances and stuff like that.  But, two wives or two husbands??  It’s ridiculous. And most importantly, the LGBT people should never force the church to accept their unions as legal because they’re not.  God does not approve gay marriage and neither should the church. It’s anti-biblical. Period.
  • Abortions should only be conditional for medical reasons or rape.  Nothing more.  That’s why contraceptives exist.   If you don’t want to get pregnant there are ways to prevent it.

There are more points that I think that each political party defends or criticizes.  I wish there was an in-between.  But that’s what happens when one party wants to contradict the other.  Then there can’t be in-betweens.  We are in trouble.  May God have mercy!

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