What frustrates you?


Thinking about frustrations; here are some of mine, if you feel the same way about some of them, I pity you:

  1. My hair.  I’ve never known how to deal with it unless I have $$$ to go to the beauty parlor.
  2. The cat.  She’s bossy and always knocks my glasses off!
  3. My grandma.  She told me yesterday that she’s not rancorous but she can’t forgive the wrongdoings that people have done to her in the past.
  4. Some of my friends. No matter how many ways I tell them the truth about how God works, they still wanna live the lie of sin.  It’s that “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude.
  5. People who want to boss God around.  They just don’t understand that God sometimes will say: “NO”  or “WAIT”.
  6. Fleas and roaches.  No matter how much you kill them; they keep coming back.
  7. How time flies when you’re having a good time; and how time stalls when you’re working.
  8. Fights between cat and dog people.  They can never get along.
  9. Cooking.  No matter how much I try; my mom’s food always tastes better.
  10. Movies.  There are so many and I’ve seen so much; but still, I have not seen enough.

I know there are more things that frustrate me; but it frustrates me that I can’t remember all of them….