When Somebody Doesn’t Like You Anymore


Has it ever happened to you that when you try to talk to a friend, you have to be very careful choosing your words or else your gonna get it?  It has happened to me many times.  I won’t name any names but it’s always a very difficult experience.  Sometimes you are very good friends with that person but something that you will do or say will eventually turn that person against you.  Those people are like time bombs that are ticking.  You may be successful in avoiding the inevitable for a long time but in the end they will eventually blow sometime.  You’ll be lucky if the friendship continues after the blast, but if not, then you will at least live without regret that you did the best you could to make your friendship work.

Today a person stopped liking me because I dared to disagree with him.  I don’t hate that person even though he offended me many times.  I just tolerated his personality because I just accepted who he was.  I knew that this person had a difficult personality and I tried to retain his friendship as long as I could, but sometimes he would start to attack my FB posts or if I made a joke, he wouldn’t find it funny and belittle it. Sometimes he would even insinuate that I was ignorant, less spiritual, and he even questioned my integrity as a christian.  It’s funny because I have friends and relatives who are agnostic, gay, and with all kinds of backgrounds; but the person who made it really hard for me was the one who was supposedly to be more “spiritual”.

Now those are the times when life doesn’t make sense to me.  But people can be that way. We can’t change them.  I’m sorry to have lost an acquaintance, I pray that someday he will find the real light and I wish him well.  But the truth is that I feel more relaxed now.  I can post anything I want and know that he won’t be there to belittle me anymore.  So, I guess that all is well that it ends well.  Everything that happens has a purpose.  God is still good!

5 thoughts on “When Somebody Doesn’t Like You Anymore

  1. Yes, that is our mission in this world. To love God and one another, talk about it and give testimony of what God has done in our lives.


  2. I believe like you Laurianne that we are to be honest but yes sadly people including Christians will not appreciate correction when they are in error and will accuse us of being vindictive and unloving even after giving them Scriptural confirmation they are in error but it is because we Love that then that we correct them but Jesus tells us when we do we will be hated and persecuted or ignored and like you said in your other Post and this one too, they will continue to hold a grudge and may even slander you to others.

    I believe we are to Love even our enemies and if the opportunity is there to do good to them but we don’t have to accept and agree with the evil they say and do.

    With Homosexuals that you mentioned we also Love them as people of worth but we warn them if we do Love them, they are in danger, God tells us to do this with all who sin in the Church, we are all responsible to keep it pure but we do so with His Truth not with a worldly agenda and in Love and for Love.

    Christian Love in Unity with Christ Jesus – Anne


  3. Seems we have both been there! The ‘Christian’ who attacked me was so ruthless and vindictive, that I found it a surprise that I had found comfort in non-Christians! Go figure!


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