I taught my daughter a lesson


When my previous car broke down in December 2010, I had to walk my daughter to school every morning.  On February 3, 2011, that was no exception. (This happened before I started homeschooling).

But that day, something was different.  While we walked, a car stopped beside us and the driver started talking to me.  I’m a very cautious person; I don’t talk to strangers and less while it’s still dark.  I kept a considerable distance and observed something that I didn’t like.  The guy had a Dominican accent, I could’ve sworn that I saw a head behind his seat, the car’s windows were tinted so dark I could hardly see inside that car.  All I heard was that he was saying that he had seen me everyday walking with my child and that he wanted to give us a ride to wherever place we were going.

You can imagine that I immediately refused.  At least he didn’t insist and left immediately when I said: “No, thanks”. I was worried about him saying that he had seen us before walking to school every morning.  I couldn’t change the route at the time, because that was the only way to Anna’s school.  I’d never seen that guy before but you never know who’s been watching you.

I always read the newspaper because I consider important the knowledge about the new tendencies of criminals.  A recent tendency is to kidnap people so they can ask for ransom money.  That tendency is not originally Puertorican, but it was brought from Dominicans and other Latin American countries.  Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think that all Dominicans are criminals just the same way that I don’t think that all Puertoricans are decent people.  So it’s not that I have something against other Hispanic races.  Just making this clear. It’s just that: it could happen to anyone of us…

I always remember that on September 1990, I  had recently started a job and I didn’t have a car.  I was waiting for the bus when a car suddenly stopped beside to where I was standing.  Then this guy came out from the car with a gun in his hand cursing and yelling with all the intention of kidnapping me.  Of course, my reaction was to run.  I was much thinner, younger and very nervous.  But in my nervousness, I started rebuking the guy with a very loud voice: “In the name of Jesus!”.  The guy eventually reached me because he was taller and faster.  When I felt that he touched my hair, I turned and pointing a finger at him I yelled again: “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!”  Then he suddenly stopped, his eyes reflecting some strange remorse and said to me: “I won’t touch you because you have the Fire”. (That’s an expression widely used in church to describe the Spirit of God).  He tried to take my purse, but not even that he could take away from me.  He ran back to the car he left beside the road. I ran to safety still trembling and thanking the Lord.  God saved me that day.  I didn’t save myself.

Days later, I read in the newspaper how a girl had appeared very near the place I was nearly kidnapped.  She had been raped and shot in the head.  That could’ve been me.  But God was my protector and he had a different plan.  I still felt sorry for that girl, if she would’ve just claimed to God….

Back to February 3, 2010….  You can imagine that the rest of our journey to Anna’s school, we had a little talk about safety.  I advised my daughter about how important it is not to talk to strangers and  to be cautious every time we have to go somewhere, no matter if we have transportation or not.

We all have to be careful.  But my advice to you, reader, is to pray before you get out of your house.  Read Psalm 91; believe that the Lord will take care of you and your loved ones.  You never know, what or who you may encounter on your way.

Be safe and God Bless You!

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