I’m going to a concert today!


In 1994, when I just started my first semester in the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico; Rev. Billy Graham came to San Juan for a Crusade.  It was so near from the campus that I usually walked from the Conservatory to the Hiram Bithorn Stadium where the Crusade was being held.  One of the invited singers for the Crusade was Michael W. Smith.  At that time, he was pretty famous even in secular music.  I had all his recordings because I had been following his career since he started playing keyboards and singing with Amy Grant.

That night that he sang in the Hiram Bithorn Stadium, it was literally packed.  He sang his iconic song “Friends”.  All the youngsters that were congregated that night, started to walk closer to the stage so that they could get a closer glimpse of such a famous christian singer.  It was a very exciting moment during that night.  I had hopes that after that experience, Michael W. Smith would decide to do a concert here in Puerto Rico soon after that.  But the truth is…that it took 20 years for him to come back to this island.

Here are my observations about some things that have me scratching my head.  First, the promotion for this concert hasn’t been the best.  It’s like a huge secret.  I haven’t seen a single announcement of this concert in any newspaper of this God forsaken island.  But the newscasts will rather give free promotion for some unknown girl who won a stupid beauty pageant.

Second, and I will confirm this tonight at the concert, I know they are still selling tickets: so I guess that the tickets haven’t been selling too well (and the Coliseum tonight will be in the small modality).

Third, I know the economy in this island is not the best, but couldn’t the promoters at least make a couple of announcements in the newspapers?  I found out about this concert because I’m an avid fan of Smitty and I constantly read his Facebook page.  But I didn’t see a single announcement of when the tickets started selling or anything.  This promoting campaign has been a disaster since day one.  I don’t think Smitty is coming here ever again unless Rev. Franklyn Graham, Billy’s son, drags him back in another Crusade.  And I sincerely hope that I’m mistaken.

It’s sad that Christian concerts have to have such bad organizers and promoters; and that also the news in this island will only promote if they see $$$.  But they will freely promote crimes, politics, beauty pageants and other stuff that don’t help us better our ailing society.

Anyway, my daughter and me, will be a part of Godly history.  We will go to the concert, praise God, enjoy awesome music…hopefully make new friends and savor this night. God still visits His people. Have a blessed Memorial weekend!

And I’ll leave a little bit of Smitty’s music…(Free promotion!)  His latest CD “Sovereign” is amazing!  You’ll enjoy it.




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