Thanks for the laughs!

Depression is not a joke

I can’t end this week without remembering my favorite entertainer Robin Williams.  It took me too long to just sink in the reality of his passing.  Even though, he made me laugh so many times, I always sensed some tragedy about him.  It happens when you know that a person has so many talents and they get into depressions.

I have admitted in a previous post about my own fight against depression.  Those of us who are musicians, artists and are involved in the world of arts, are most susceptible to fall into the claws of depression, that’s well known in the mental health branch.  I also admit that I don’t take antidepressants; even though I should, but I have put my faith into God.  He’s been doing a wonderful job whatsoever.  No suicidal tendencies; even when the hopelessness might be at maximum strength!  God is that powerful!

I wish Robin Williams might’ve found that refuge in God.  I noticed that when he finished his performances, he usually shouted: “God Bless You”.  Were those simple words for him?  He must’ve had some fear on Him.  But why not let God carry him during his pain?

My sister and I were sitting and reflecting about reasons to commit suicide.  We concluded that powerful reasons would be:  (taking an example of the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries) women who are sold as sex slaves and have seen how terrorist have killed their children and spouses, even men who have seen how terrorist rape their daughters and wives and are unable to protect them.  Those are terrible reasons where suicide might be a way to escape an uncertain future.  I believe that God has the power to turn everything around.  But my human mind cannot fathom how can He do it.  That’s when faith makes it’s entrance.

Faith makes the impossible, possible.   People may think that God is evil because he allows evil things to happen in this world.  But God is not responsible for the decisions that humans make.  Man decides his own fate.  Man decides to follow evil; God does not force us to serve Him.  That decision has to come from ourselves. 

Robin Williams decided to end his life.  He didn’t have to see his children murdered before his eyes.  He didn’t have to deny God and hope that some terrorist wouldn’t rape his wife while he had to watch there helplessly.  He may have had health problems but he had money to pay the best doctors to treat him, he had a successful career, fame, money, a big house, cars, love from his family and friends. But yet, why would he feel alone?  Why did he think that he had to end it all?   I doubt that it was God’s decision to end his life so soon. 

Even if we try to deny it or if we don’t want to face it:  there is a void inside of our lives.  There’s no money, fame, even love of our families that can fill that void.  And it’s an important void; because it can make the difference between wanting to live or die.  It’s that spiritual need that every human being has.  We can’t just depend of our own self sufficiency.  We are not almighty to change everything in our lives.  We are human beings, prone to make mistakes and die.  WE NEED GOD!!! 

God gave Robin Williams the wonderful gift of laughter and make people happy.  He used that gift gracefully but in the end decided to make us cry.  His ultimate decision made me sad.  My heart goes out to his family, friends and all of the fans out there.

4 thoughts on “Thanks for the laughs!

  1. God forbid me from judging where Robin William’s soul is right now. This post is not about that; it’s about a conversation I had with my sister about reasons to commit suicide. Only God knows what was going inside Robin William’s head when he took that decision. But it was still a sad outcome. I would honestly love for him to be in heaven. I wouldn’t stop laughing up there!


  2. I understand your disappointment lauriann in the reality of Robin Williams taking his own life, but we remember we don’t know what he was going through mentally and emotionally, just because a person makes out they are Happy Clappy does not mean they are, I was known as Happy Annie but it was mask, I still love humour but now I laugh too.

    Years ago I decided to end my life lauriann, the link below explains why but Jesus rescued me, why didn’t He rescue Robin, we don’t know what happened at the point of death, Robin, may have come to heart repentance, we must never judge anyone’s Eternal destiny only God knows their heart and all those He knows as His, will be Saved or He would not have chosen us by His foreknowledge of our heart repentance which shows we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

    Rescued –

    Christian Love from us both – Anne.


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