Job Interviews

Job interview

Long gone are those days when there were lots of job offers and getting a job interview was almost guaranteed.  At that time, I was even afraid to apply to jobs because I might get hired on the spot.

But we are living very different times, at least here in Puerto Rico.  Jobs are very scarce and to get a job interview is almost impossible.  I’ve had to make different resumes depending on the jobs that I apply for.   So, I guess that in a résumé, you can’t be who you really are.

There are jobs where having too much education can be counterproductive because you’re overqualified.  Meanwhile, in other jobs, having too much education is just not enough because you need many years of experience for the job they’re posting.   So you are forced to have many resumes because one is just not enough.  Plus, you have to put in a résumé, what the company wants to read.  It can be misleading for them, but job offerings can force us to be like that.

Getting the dream job that we all want can be hard.  My dream job would be one where I am my boss, I have my schedule, and I don’t have to get out of my house….it sounds like one of those jobs schemes that sound too good to be true.  Yeah, those job hoaxes where you pay a fee to some bogus company that tell you that you get paid just for filling online surveys.  You know, no real company will ever make you pay to get a job.  That’s preposterous!

I’ve had online jobs where they pay very well and I’ve never had to pay a single dime to be a part of it.  Real legal jobs don’t show you people living in mansions or driving Maserati’s or Porches.  So when ever you see an offer that sounds too good to be true….just do what every smart person does….Google it!!  Find out if the company is included in “job hoaxes”.  Believe me, if it’s not true….somebody somewhere in the world will say something about it.

And as Christians, let’s keep praying for those who are seeking jobs and for those who are unemployed and can’t work.  Also pray for those like me, who are seeking God’s guidance to see if we can move to greener pastures.

Oh, and I did get a job interview for this next Wednesday.  Yeah, one of the only two interviews that I’ve got over this year, even though I’ve applied for more than 50 job postings.  But who knows?  This job might be the one to supply me at least for awhile until God puts me where He wants me to be.  He arrives just when we need it.  So, let’s keep the faith rising.

Have a great week!


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