CIMG2557  Hello!  My name is Midna.  I live with my two servants: Lauriann & Anna.  Yesterday a visitor came to my dwelling place or should I say: my castle.  My servants kept me safe in a room so that that visitor couldn’t harm me.  But I could smell her from a mile away.  I was quite content in that safe room.  I had everything I needed:  my food, my water and my favorite potty box.  Oh! And I also have a tall bed that almost touches the ceiling from which I can see through the window all the tiny moving objects that I long to catch & play with… or maybe eat them.

So I was quite comfortable but I could still hear that stranger walking around and talking about me.  Yeah!  She said I was “ugly”.  My servants insisted that I was not.  But the stranger stubbornly kept saying that I was the ugliest cat that she had ever seen.  She also added that the previous cat (whom I’ve never met) was prettier. The nerve!  What did I ever do to deserve to be insulted like that?

All I do is play around with anything that I can find.  My favorite pastimes are: following balls and hunting my snacks and eating them.  I still wonder why my servants grimace whenever I eat my snacks.  It’s so much fun to watch while my snacks try to escape but I always catch them…..mmmmeow  and that crunchy sensation while I chew them is sensational.  My servants call them “cockroaches”  but I call them “yummy”.

I like my life and I even have a friend.  His name is Marlute and he lives next door.  He’s much older than me but I like to bother him whenever he visits and stays over.  I like intimidating him with my furry tail.  He may be bigger, older and probably cuter by questionable standards; but I’m funnier!

I am loved, well cared and I have my own kingdom.  And, I don’t give a meow who thinks I’m ugly!

So, bite me!


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