Satanism Vs. Atheism

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Do you know what is the difference between a Satanist and an atheist?  The true simple answer is: nothing.  There is no difference at all.  Now you may say:  but the atheist do not believe in God or the devil.  And you’re right.  But neither do the Satanists!  The church of Satan is a humanist organization; in other words: they are atheist. They don’t adore the devil. They adore man. Many church goers ignore this information completely; they have been deceived by Hollywood and sensationalism for a very long time.

News and pictures about people dressed in black cloaks, killing animals, drinking blood and virgin sacrifices are all images that don’t occur in the Satanic Temple.  But the real question remains: is this really a good thing?  The Satanic Temple sells us the positive thinking, the man-god concept, the word declarations….but, do you know what’s worse about this?  That these philosophies are being taught in many of our churches as we speak.

Our own declarations are substituting the powerful Word of God.  Our positive thoughts are substituting the mind of Christ in our way of thinking.  The man-god concept is substituting the sovereignty of the Almighty God working in our lives.

But the funny thing about all of this is that atheist are always bragging about being free from religion.  Think again!  Cause Atheism is an organized religion.  I already mentioned where it comes from: the Satanic Temple.  So they may argue that they don’t have to go to a temple to worship.  Neither do millions of Roman-Catholics but they are still called “Catholics”.

Atheist’s so called “freedom” is just an illusion.  Can they be free of sickness?  Can they be free of depression?  Can they be free of their own mortality?  Can they be free of loneliness?  No, they cannot.  Humans cannot free themselves of problems or situations…not even positive thinking will save anybody.  Not even being a genius will help anybody from their fate.  Just ask Stephen Hawkings, he’s a genius tied to a wheelchair.

The devil doesn’t want people to believe in God.  He wants people to be sick, to be lonely, depressed, to die without hope.  Unfortunately, his scheme is making people live in despair, taking their own lives, thinking that there is no way out.  But God is real like the invisible air that surrounds us.  We cannot live without him.

But, what can we learn about all of this?  Atheist are Satanist; they just don’t know it.  And if they know it; they probably don’t care.  But the sad thing is that one day, they will care.  But by then, it will probably be too late for them.

So, church be on alert!  Parents, keep an eye on what it is taught to your children at school.  Remember, God is powerful to deliver us from any sin, there is nothing that He cannot do.

2 thoughts on “Satanism Vs. Atheism

  1. Thanks for sharing part of your testimony. I based this info on the experience of someone very close to me who actually visited the Satanic Temple and told me what he saw there. And reading a lot of comments of Christians on FB and other social media, I got concerned of the lack of knowledge about this theme. A lot of churches are not doing their homework on educating their church goers about Satan’s plans. And the devil’s teachings are contaminating our temples. Thanks for sharing that link. I was actually gonna post something about Halloween further on, once October starts. But it’s never too late or early to share the Word of God. God Bless You


  2. I agree with you Lauriann about Atheists, I was one for nearly 30 years, in my head but not my heart or I would still be one. I was deceived at school, the teacher told me I came from an Ape and that we had been lied to at Sunday School and Church, my Mother confirmed it being an Atheist at the time. I was over 30 before I realized I had been told lies and by that time I had messed up my life doing what I thought would make me Happy Clappy.

    But there is more to being involved in Satan’s Playground than just rejecting God, the Occult is very dangerous, yes it is based on lies but they have a very evil control if people believe in them.

    I would like to leave you a link for you Lauriann that will explain more but if it brings up any other questions please just ask for clarification. I was going to give more detail in this link Post but it was about Halloween more than Satanic practices, I thought I would Post again at a another time but I have not been lead to do so yet although I have been concerned a few times when visiting Blogs as they either minimize Satan’s workings and it’s dangers or they promote it too much so people loose their Peace and Joy.


    Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus.

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