Meow!  I can’t stand this anymore.  It’s been days that I’ve been trying to tell my servants what I want and they don’t seem to understand. I want them to pet me, pet me and pet me all the time.  Don’t they get it?

I’m not even hungry that much; only for those occasional crunchy cockroaches, but even my food bothers me.  I just want to crouch all night and day; but nothing satisfies me.

This morning my servant Anna just run out of our room to her mom’s.  I wonder why she was so upset? It’s not like I’ve done anything wrong. All I did was what I always do when I feel like I’m not getting enough attention.

I spent all night telling her that I wanted to be petted and loved.  I screamed as loud as I could; but all my servant did was lie down tossing and turning on her the bed.  When the day was starting; she just ran out of the room.

Then, I heard my two servants talking.  They were talking about me. But, I wonder what “neutering” means….  Meow!

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