Happy Anniversary Blog!


I just received notification from WordPress that this blog is one year old today.  Wow!  How time flies….  The experience has been good and sometimes not so good.  But it’s has been very therapeutic because I opened this blog in a time when I needed some spiritual refuge and I found it.

By the time I opened this blog, I had recently stopped visiting the church I had been a member for over 2 years and I felt like a little sheep who wanted a place to worship but couldn’t go back to where I had been because I felt that something was missing and I wasn’t being spiritually nurtured like I needed to be.  Even though having a blog can never substitute the experience of worshiping God in a temple with a congregation; it was therapeutic for me to let out most of my ramblings and thoughts about life, this spiritual journey, about meeting new friends, having new experiences and sharing life’s lessons with some readers.

In this year, I have been blessed with a new place where I can worship God freely; I am still learning about life, people, God’s work in people and yes, love too.  God is far from finishing His work in me, but the truth is that I’m expectant for what’s going to happen next.

I also have to share that the devil is really, really mad with some stuff that I’ve posted in this past year….yeah, I will make another post further on to explain about that situation in particular.  But I’m comforted that if the devil is mad; that means that what I’m doing here is really, really good.

I thank God for every little experience and inspiration He has given me this past year. Thanks to those who have been following this blog, posting comments and liking my posts during this year.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and caring for these ramblings and rants.  I pray that you are all blessed each day of your lives until Jesus comes back again.

Second year of searching….here we come!

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