Lesson Of Faith


Have you ever told God: “Please God, don’t fail me now!”?  Well, start changing your saying into: “Please God don’t let me fail You now”.  The truth is that God never fails.

We fail all the time; especially when we are going through financial troubles and trials. We get anxious about the future that hasn’t come yet.  We start remembering the times when we have had debts to pay and no money to pay them.  How about starting to remember the times that God provided us when we were needy?  Yes, He probably used somebody to help us.  He has angels everywhere!  Those are the people who let themselves be used by Him.  You could be one of His angels too.

My lesson for this week was learning to trust Him.  (Yeah, I’ve been relearning this lesson over and over again.)  My thick headed skull doesn’t grab it that easy.  I keep failing in that test.  But God keeps showing me, with His unique patience, that He will never fail. If we have faith in Him, we won’t be anxious, nervous or depressed.  We rest assured that He will deliver us from any problem that we can’t handle.  But we want to handle everything and see the solutions with our eyes right away.  I know…been there done that.

Things may be cloudy and grim right now.  Just wait and see what He will do. He’s our Loving Father, He’ll never leave us alone. Tell me, would you leave your kids alone when they most need you?  …Just as I thought.

Just. Trust. And. Have. Faith.   Have a great week!

Illustration by Anna Lorraine.

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