Surprises In February


Well, February is here.  Don’t you think it was fast?  Were already in the second month of the year and I’m still feeling like it’s last October.  We are in the dead of winter but I have seen no snow whatsoever.  So don’t blame me…

So hopefully this month will bring new surprises hence the title of this post.  I don’t know if you are alone or have a spouse, the most important love that you have is the love of God.  Even if you don’t believe in God; He still loves you and believes in you.  That’s his nature.  After all, He is love.

In the Old Testament we see a God who is a fighter and very strict; but He did love the Jewish people even though they were disobedient.  In the New Testament, Jesus taught us the true nature of God.  He taught about the loving Father who wants to reach unto us and was willing to give His precious Son so that we could reach to Him much easily.

Would you be willing to sacrifice a child of yours for someone who doesn’t deserve to be saved?  I know you wouldn’t.  But yeah, we didn’t deserve to be saved because our nature is to be selfish and rebellious.  But God forgives us because He sees Jesus’ blood covering us in His mercy.

And God has beautiful surprises for us; every day.  Haven’t you thought about how one day is never the same than the day before?  Something different always happens.  How amazing is being alive!  Maybe seeing the future is scary; but if we live one day at a time; we will make the most of these fleeting times.  Welcome the surprises!

Illustration by Anna Lorraine.


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