Braum’s Milkshake


A little testimony I have to share: it just happened to me two hours ago.  Today I started a new job in Grand Prairie.  While I was getting there; my car hit something on the road.  But everything was fine so I continued to my destined place.  I finished my shift and I went back home; everything was fine so I thought.

When I arrived home, I ate and there were my niece and daughter expecting me.  After a while, when I was ready to start reading both of them entered the room saying that they wanted milkshakes from Braum’s.  I was wondering where was this coming from….why would they want milkshakes at that hour?  But I decided to indulge them and we went for the milkshakes.

When I started the engine, I noticed a light turned on in the dashboard.  I didn’t know what it was all about, because being a new car I would never think that something could go wrong with it.  I asked my niece what did she think it was and she told me: “Titi, that means that a tire needs air.”  Well, I did notice that the wheel was kinda hard to move so when we arrived at Braum’s I confirmed that the left front tire was almost flat.

I was immediately worried because I knew that if I didn’t fix that tire I wouldn’t be able to go to work tomorrow.  After we got the milkshakes, I was undecided about what to do next.  But when I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw a big yellow sign that said: Discount Tire Co.  So I drove there.  It was about to close; but the young man who saw me arrive rapidly attended me and told me that he would help me.  He told me that the tire was torn and it couldn’t be fixed, that I had to buy a new one.  So I did.  While we waited for the car to be fixed, I noticed that they were listening to the same radio station that I usually listen.  And the song playing on the radio said:  “There is power in the name of Jesus”.

The last car that was attended was mine.  I left the store, happy knowing that God has everything under control.  My niece and my daughter were laughing all the way just saying that thanks to the Braum milkshakes, I got to fix my car for tomorrow.  And they were right, but I will add that God put in my niece’s mind that idea for the milkshakes.  If I wouldn’t have listened to them, I would’ve woken up tomorrow with a flat tire and a big problem to go to work.  I would’ve been fired.  But God takes care of His children.  He knows I need that job.

Thank you God for taking care of us!  Thank you for using the simplest things to bless us!

So don’t be scared to listen to your kids sometimes.  They might be the instrument that God is using to help you.

Have a great week!

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