“Good Morning”Or “God Bless You”

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I recently started to assist to a church near my home.  I like it very much; there are lots of groups to which I could belong to and start working for the Kingdom of God.  There is so much work to do: missions, working with the youth, collective groups, ushers and so much more.  The church-goers are very friendly; but there is something that they do that keeps me wondering why they do it: and it’s the way they greet me.  They say a very effusive: “Good morning”.  I have nothing against saying “Good morning” specially if I’m at work or if I visit any secular place.  To greet with a “Good morning” means you have good manners. But to me, that greeting at church is not enough.

I do answer to anyone whenever I get that “Good morning” but after that, I add: “God Bless You”.  The “Good Morning” greeting should NEVER EVER substitute “God Bless You”.  Both greetings do not mean the same.

“Good Morning” means you are wishing for that person a pleasant beginning of the day.  It’s a limited greeting.  But when you say “God Bless You” you are wishing to the person receiving the greeting: blessings from the Almighty God which include: good health, love, prosperity, happiness, peace among every other gift that God can bestow upon that person plus there is no time frame limit to that greeting.  God can bless that person during that same day plus days, weeks and months after that greeting.

So I will continue to say: “God Bless You” because I want the best for my faith family.  Hopefully it becomes viral and I get the same blessings from everybody else.

Have a great week and God Bless You all!

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