Worship Or Not?

Worship image

When the whole worship era started at churches; I was watching it from a far.  I don’t like to criticize the way people try to get near to God; unless it’s not biblical.  Psalms is the hymnal of the Bible and it describes many ways to worship God.  When I was young, dancing was a huge NO-NO at church.  It was considered a sin; buy yet when people sang at church those fiery  choruses in “salsa” rhythm those same critics couldn’t help moving their bodies side to side at the beat of the music.

So, there were so many contradictions in what they said and what they did; it was confusing but to talk about it was taboo.  The mentality of church goers have changed a lot during these last 30 years some for the good but also for the bad.  Does the Bible condemn dancing as a way of worship?  The answer is no.  Dancing was a way of worship during the Old Testament times.  King David danced to the Lord. There are innumerable verses in the Psalms that include dancing for Him as a way of worship.

Does that mean that all types of dancing can be accepted to worship the Lord?  No, it’s the same with all songs.  Not all songs worship the Lord.  So there are dances that can’t be accepted to worship the Lord.  I have been ministered to tears by dances that transmit a message through their movements.  But unfortunately, not all dances do that; only those that are really clear on their purpose on why are they ministering from the altar.

I do believe that the altar is a sacred place.  People go to the altar to repent; it’s the place where God ministers to His people through His word.  I don’t like it when the altar becomes a stage instead of a place where God reaches out to His people.  We have to be careful of that.  We can’t lose having fear of the presence of the Lord.  The altar is also the place where people can be healed and heard in prayer.  So the people who stand on the altar have to be washed in the blood of Jesus and repentant.  God should be respected, we love Him but always respect that He is Holy and His presence is Holy.

The worship movement has many beautiful songs based on the Bible and that is awesome. But the music should never substitute the reading of the Bible and it should always be inclusive to all members of the church.  I believe that the beginning of the devotionals at church should always include praying and the reading of at least one Psalm.  Plus all active church members should have the opportunity to worship God from the altar not just one worship leader.  Music is a tool to reach people but it’s not the only tool that God uses to minister His church.  Also, music can never substitute the preaching of His word.  The Bible HAS to have it’s rightful place in all service devotionals. Plus there has to be a balance where everybody can participate on the worship of God.

So, I don’t think the new worship is bad as long as God is the only One exalted; not men or women because all of the glory is His….always.


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