God’s Justice Is Better

Dont judge

I still remember the weeks previous to that day I lost my job from the school I was teaching.  The elementary school principal had been harassing me constantly, even if I did things the way the administrators wanted; all of my efforts were always wrong.  I felt stressed and totally depressed.  It was hard for me to keep a straight face for my students, my daughter and my family who were always calling me to see how were things doing.  I would refuge myself in prayer and also in my colleague teacher who was also feeling stressed by the overwhelming work that wouldn’t allow us to enjoy life.

It felt like a prison: we were confined to our endless hours of work because time during the days and nights was just not enough.  My voice was hoarse, my blood pressure was high; my body was reflecting what my mind and emotions were battling against.  It was like a time bomb.

Then, some strange events happened.  I was being transferred to another area with another principal.  I was relieved but my relief would be short lived.  The elementary principal managed to detain my transfer for one more week so she could manage to make some write ups and get me fired.  She falsely accused me of insubordination because it was the only reason she could make up to get me fired.  I had never been late, I had never been absent, my lesson plans and my work were always on time, I was respected by colleagues, my students and their parents.  But she didn’t like me because I had the same MA. Ed she had plus I was bilingual unlike her.  She felt I was a threat. (Not that I was interested in her position anyway).

Yes, I questioned why God had allowed me to leave the place that had been my home for so long and arrive to Texas to go through such a sad experience.  Where was God when I was praying to Him?  Had he been listening to my voice?  Had He been seeing my tears?  Where was His justice?  After that experience, the human in me wanted revenge.  But God told me that He would pay; that I had to let Him do His work.  Through His Word, He told me that He would sustain me. But it was very, very hard for the human in me.

Before a whole month went by, I had found another job.  But still the human in me; kept fighting inside.  I fought the grudge, the frustration, the sadness and hopelessness.  But God kept telling me that He would pay.  I had been working for a month now and I wanted to call one of my colleagues to see how they were doing.  But this past Friday, one of them called me.  She told me that there had been a huge firing at the school and that she had been laid off because of overstaffing.  I was sad for her; but I offered all the help I could give her about how I had survived for these past two months.  Then she told me: “Six teachers were laid off and only one administrator: the elementary school principal was fired too.”

Yes, God had done His justice.  I didn’t have to move a finger or get revenge on my own. God had done it for me.  Her “victory” was short lived.  I just hope that through this experience, that old principal learned a valuable lesson.  That sooner or later, evil deeds are like a boomerang; they will come right back at you.

So let’s just do good to our fellow man; that will also come right back at us.

New Year: New Hope


Lying here on my bed (well, not a bed actually….I sleep on top of two pieces of foam, a sleeping bag and a quilt) I started reflecting on my lessons from the past year.  It was such an intense year.  Moving from one country to another.  Starting all over again, taking risking decisions; it’s all part of the process of living and changes.

I learned that even though making life changing decisions isn’t easy; you won’t know if the outcome will work unless you try.  You have to fight insecurities, fear of the unknown, loss of faith and many other mind bogging dilemmas.  But I remembered telling my daughter, months before we left Puerto Rico, that I had to take a risk because I didn’t want to end up asking myself in the future: What if?

I learned to have faith.  Losing my job as a teacher after three months of intense work made me have more faith.  It wasn’t easy, some insecurities wanted to take over and I can’t deny that I even got depressed.  That’s one of the flaws of being human.  But God never failed me.

He confirmed over and over again that this change came from Him.  The devil was not happy and used that old principal to make me doubt God.  I still remember being shocked but calm.  When the days passed by and I started receiving phone calls for job interviews, I knew that everything would be alright.

If God moves you; He will back you up.  Even if something bad happens; which it will most likely happen, just keep praying and doing what you’re supposed to do.  Don’t let depression or fear put you down or make you anxious.  He will arrive in perfect timing.

Right now, I rest assured that He is showing me the way.  Each day is different than the last one and you will see how life will surprise you.

So don’t lose your hope in your journey; the best is yet to come!

(Drawing by Anna Lorraine)

Happy New Journey 2016

Journey new year

I don’t know where you are or what are you expecting for this new year.  But all I know is this….that I wish that you never forget where you come from and that your journey through this year will be filled with much laughter,  joy and blessings.  Happy and Prosperous 2016!

Photo courtesy of Facebook’s Christian Today.


Great Changes


A year ago December 2014, I had a dream.  I still can remember it like it was yesterday.  I was at my apartment in Puerto Rico.  I saw myself walking from my room into the hallway.  When I reached the living room, I saw my younger sister at my left getting farther away from me.  As I approached the balcony, I noticed my brother there, he seemed kinda worried.  The upper gates of the balcony were missing and when I looked at where there was supposed to be the airport; all I could see was a different view.   I thought that all that was happening to me was real until I felt my self floating in the air. The landscape that I was seeing was all green, like if I was observing it all from an airplane.  Then, I looked at the sky and the clouds were moving in front of me.

I asked the Lord: “What are you showing me, Lord?”  Then I started to see lots of different faces of people unknown to me and when the images all ceased, two big words appeared in front of me: “Great Changes”.  I woke up, and I prayed meditating on the significance of this dream.

Today, one year later December 2015, I have seen the outcome of that dream.  In less than a year, my life has been turned upside down and it’s still changing.  I had to leave my apartment in front of the airport; and even the upper gate of the balcony was removed the same day I handed in the key. I had to leave my sisters back in PR the day I left the island I had called “home” for the last 41 years. I saw that same green landscape from the window of the plane that brought me to Texas. My brother who lives in Colorado, has kept a close watch on me since I arrived, always worrying if I’m doing OK.  I have met so many new faces since I arrived….I have lost count.  But my new experiences have not stopped.

Bad Changes

I came to Texas as a new bilingual teacher for a charter school.  I worked really hard to do the best that I could. I worked seven days a week. I was never late for work, I was never absent….I followed every rule the administration asked for, my lesson plans were always on time.  My students and their parents liked and respected me; specially those that were mischievous.  I would think that I would survive the whole year doing what I should do.  I had group control; lessons were being imparted but there was a change that I did not expect.  The principal that supervised me, didn’t like me.  For some unknown reason she felt that I was not doing my job right.  She didn’t like that I got sick (even though I went to work sick to avoid an absence), even though I used her recommendations in the classroom, it was never enough for her.  The administration suddenly gave me a transfer to PreK (without me asking for it) but she managed to retain me for one more week so she could get me fired.  She used excuses that had nothing to do with my performance as a teacher.  I just prayed and I didn’t defend myself.  But she made a whole story to the administration and she got her temporary victory.

After three months of working hard, on Friday November 13 I was suddenly unemployed.  I received my last check to sustain me.  But God had not let me go.   I was utterly disappointed, to the point that I questioned the reasons why God had made me leave what already was familiar to me, to bring me to a place almost unknown and go through such hardship.  But very soon, He let me know that He has been with me all the time.

I recalled the way He brought me to Texas.  It was impossible for me, without any income at all to leave my home and arrive to Texas.  He made it possible.  Since the day I arrived, He had sustained me in every way possible.  He kept me safe from accidents, He fought for me and comforted me.  He keeps doing so.

Good Changes

Today, December 20, I am currently working in a Dallas government office, plus tomorrow I have a very interesting job interview and my daughter and I are doing fine.  He keeps a close watch on me; His providence never leaves my home.  I depend solely on God.  He opens and closes doors.  I am actually happy that I’m not a teacher in that school anymore.  I know something better is coming. That old principal thought that she was harming me; but the truth is that she was doing me a favor.  God is putting me in a better place.  He will make me rise and soar with His blessings.

If you are going through a difficult time in your job; lift your head up.  Depend on Him.  He will make you rise.  Don’t lose your faith.  He’s not over yet.


Living In Texas


Oh hello there!  I hope life has been treating you all well.  Sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in a while.  Just as the title said, I’ve been living in Texas.  But things didn’t go as I originally planned.  The original plan was for my daughter, Midna and me to go together.  It didn’t go that way.  I had to come here alone to find a place for them to follow me later.

But things have been happening fast.  Two days after I arrived in Dallas, I got a new car. With no credit, no down payment….I got a brand new car.  Miracles DO happen.  This week, God willing, I get my new apartment in Texas.  After that, I can send for my daughter and Midna.  It hasn’t been easy but it surely is blissful.  Sometimes you just have to wait a little, work hard and you will be rewarded.

I’ve been working for two weeks in my new school as a fourth grade bilingual Math teacher.  It hasn’t been easy, but loving to teach kids makes it much better.  There’s a ton of work and I’m still getting the hang of it.  Sometimes I feel that everything goes faster than me; but I’m willing to pick up the pace and throttle along.

I miss my family but soon we will be together; faith works that way.  So, if you’re thinking about changing your life in a big way: pray to God and give it a try.  It took me five years to finally make it happen; but I don’t regret anything yet.  Hopefully I will never do.  After I get my own apartment with fast internet, a TV with more commodities I will put more updates and details about all of these new happenings which are great.  Unknown but great.  God Bless you all!

(Drawing by Anna Lorraine)

Passing The Test


Hello there!

Sorry I’ve been busy. A belated Happy Father’s Day to all of you who are responsible fathers and to all of you who like me, are mothers who have to be fathers too.  Hahaha!

But I have good news.  On a previous post I wrote that I had to take a test called the TeXes.  Well, the first time that I took the test, I was so distracted that when I took the test & the scores came, I was 6 points short of passing the test.  Instead of giving up because of my broken heart and my first failed intent of passing the TeXes I decided try it once more.

I scheduled a studying period in the mornings after my prayers & my Bible reading time.  (You know, God always has to come first).  Then I worked with Pearson after 11 AM during the rest of the day.  So I was literally working & studying, even though working with Pearson are temporary projects.  But I really needed the money.  It wasn’t easy to disconnect myself from my personal fears & feelings.  But studies and work can help you get distracted a lot from your burdened heart.  Of course, God helps too.  I guess that’s one reason we have sometimes to fight for the things we want.  Sometimes we think that we have to sit back and expect things to happen, because God has to tell us what to do.  But that’s not right.

“Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them.  Be strong and very courageous.  Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:6-7

This is what God told Joshua when he had to lead Israel into the promised land.  God tells us to work hard, be courageous and strong so that we can go to the promised land.  He won’t do the possible for us; He will do the impossible for us.  Working, being strong and being courageous are completely possible for us.  We have to work to achieve our goals.

So I worked, studied and I prayed to God during those weeks to at least pass the test with a score of 240 (which is the minimum score to pass).  When it was two days before the test; I risked not gaining more money from Pearson but I had to review my Math knowledge.  It was a risk but if I could pass the test, it would be worth it.

On Saturday morning, June 13, I took the TeXes for the second time.  It took me 4 hours to complete it. I felt accomplished and tired but somehow I knew I would be rewarded for my hard work.  I have to admit that I was nervous for the next days.

On Tuesday June 16 the test scores arrived to my email.  I called my daughter to be by my side because my heart was pounding so loud I could hear it in my ears.  These results would decide if we would start a new living or we would go to Florida and start from the beginning: trying to look for a job.  Texas is better because I already had a job offer starting with a great salary and doing what I like: teaching.

When I opened the PDF with the results, I saw it right there:  240 points….and below in green font the word: PASSED !!  My daughter and I hugged and screamed so loud.  God had answered my prayer with the exact points I had asked for.  He rewarded my faith, my hard work and my effort. My last paycheck from Pearson was deposited in my bank account with less money; but I don’t care. It was worth the risk.  I believe that my professional life is about to change for the better.

There are still some more challenges up ahead.  I have to pass the Bilingual Supplementary test too. But it’s not necessary to start teaching.  I can teach with what I have. Everything is running according to His plan.  I firmly believe that my God has everything under His control.  He will provide for all of our needs in His perfect time.

So if you have plans, put them in His hands; I will pray for you.  Believe that He wants you to follow the purpose He has for your life.  God is good all the time; all the time God is good.

(Drawing by Anna Lorraine)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers day

Let’s be grateful for all of our mothers out there.  Mothers are not perfect but they still bless us with unconditional love & understanding.  If you have your mother still alive; you are rich.  Today let her know how special she is for your life.  Well, not only today…..but everyday.

God Bless!



I’m writing this post while I’m in Orlando, Florida.  Yes!  I got to get on a plane at last.  I’m going to stay living in the United States. And that implies that I have to do some things first.  Life is so weird sometimes.

I didn’t have money to buy a plane ticket.  I still don’t.  Somebody else paid for this ticket.  And it’s the third time that this happens to me.  On 2012, I traveled twice and I never paid for the tickets.  I went to Denver, Colorado and then to Orlando, Florida.  Do I like other people paying for my tickets? No.

I wish I could pay it myself.  That would mean that I’m independent financially.  Right now, I don’t have much money for expenses on this trip.  I wish I could go to Disney, Universal Studios and the other parks, but I can’t.  I’m spending all this trip, trapped in somebody else’s mobile home.  It sucks.

But it’s good to have hope that everything will change.  I’ve always had to work hard to obtain everything I have.  Some people don’t make any efforts and they can have everything they want.  I still don’t understand why does this happen.  I feel like sometimes I am being punished while others live in abundance hence they do nothing to gain their blessings.

I know that I’m not the only one who goes through this.  And there is a Psalm that talks about when we see the wicked prosper while we wait on the Lord.  That is Psalm 137.  We need to be thankful for what we have before we can receive more.

God has a creative way for dealing with each one of us.  We are all different and He knows that.  That’s why we all have to wait on Him; some more and some less.  Some people might think that I don’t have faith.  I do have faith.  But there are others who can’t live in abundance because they will forget the Lord.  It happened to me a long time ago.

God knows when I will be prepared to prosper.  That’s the day when I will be thankful and keep on working for the Kingdom.  We have to prosper in the way Job did.  He was thankful in abundance and in his time of need.  We can’t blame ourselves and just keep seeking His love within our lives.

So, if you are having a time of need, have faith.  I will pray for you and you can pray for me.

Have a great weekend!  God Bless.

Between Heartbreaks and Tests


These days I got a little lost within myself.  Late last year I was so focused on setting my sights on my plans for leaving PR and getting a teaching job in TX.  But when the new year started, I got distracted.  Someone came into my life when I thought that having feelings for a guy would never happen again for me.  But it happened, and it was fast, unexpected and strong.  Then, like a flash….it was all over.

Nothing significant ever happened, just some calls, messages and tears.  Illusions can come and go so fast, you don’t even realize when it starts and when it ends. But between all those broken illusions, I lost my north.  My focus went numb.  I hardly picked up a book to read, to study.  My mind was lacking all kinds of concentration on what I had planned for my daughter and me.  And time kept running and days kept passing.  All my plans for studying dissipated like mist.

The day of the test came, I drank a lot of coffee and took it.  Too late to cancel, there was no turning back.  And now to wait for the results.  I wish I didn’t get distracted.  I wish I studied more.  I wish….I never lost my north.  I would feel happier now.  Next week the results will be ready.

We puertorricans say that when we lose everything, we lose “the rope and the goat”.  I just wish that this won’t be the case; but if it is….I will take a second chance, no matter where it comes.

No more distractions, no more heartbreaks.  Life has to go on…. God is still in control.

Have a Holy Week!

Happy Anniversary Blog!


I just received notification from WordPress that this blog is one year old today.  Wow!  How time flies….  The experience has been good and sometimes not so good.  But it’s has been very therapeutic because I opened this blog in a time when I needed some spiritual refuge and I found it.

By the time I opened this blog, I had recently stopped visiting the church I had been a member for over 2 years and I felt like a little sheep who wanted a place to worship but couldn’t go back to where I had been because I felt that something was missing and I wasn’t being spiritually nurtured like I needed to be.  Even though having a blog can never substitute the experience of worshiping God in a temple with a congregation; it was therapeutic for me to let out most of my ramblings and thoughts about life, this spiritual journey, about meeting new friends, having new experiences and sharing life’s lessons with some readers.

In this year, I have been blessed with a new place where I can worship God freely; I am still learning about life, people, God’s work in people and yes, love too.  God is far from finishing His work in me, but the truth is that I’m expectant for what’s going to happen next.

I also have to share that the devil is really, really mad with some stuff that I’ve posted in this past year….yeah, I will make another post further on to explain about that situation in particular.  But I’m comforted that if the devil is mad; that means that what I’m doing here is really, really good.

I thank God for every little experience and inspiration He has given me this past year. Thanks to those who have been following this blog, posting comments and liking my posts during this year.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and caring for these ramblings and rants.  I pray that you are all blessed each day of your lives until Jesus comes back again.

Second year of searching….here we come!



I’ve been reading a little bit about shy people.  I got curious because someone I know expressed to me that he is shy.  A person who is shy is afraid of rejection.  We might believe that everybody is afraid of being rejected.  But I’ve known people who can handle rejection much better than others.  Those people are rejected but they keep insisting.  I honestly admire them.  If you’re one of those people who are persistent at the face of rejection; I take off my hat to you.  Thanks to bold people, empires have been built. Wow,  I wish I was like people who are persistent and bold.

But I’m not like that, unfortunately.  I have my grade of shyness and sometimes I’ve dared to be bold.  But it hasn’t worked all the time.  That gets me frustrated and many, many times I’ve desisted to pursue a goal.  I’ve wondered many times:”what if I should have done that?  What if I should have said that?”  Doesn’t this happen to you too?

Could our personalities change so that we can be bolder?  I think it can.  But we have to change the way we think and that’s not an easy task.  God told Joshua “Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land.”  Joshua 1:6

God likes people who are brave.  But does that mean that he doesn’t like people who are not?  No, it doesn’t mean that.  God loves us all.  That’s why He gives us His Holy Spirit to help us develop the courage that we need to achieve our goals.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

We are full of the Spirit of God and His Spirit will help us be brave.  We just have to let Him take over our fears, insecurities and frustrations.  We can be brave, strong and courageous like Joshua.  We just have to remember Who is inside of us transforming our shyness into courage.  Until next time, God bless you!


Don’t you find frustrating that whenever you’re about to do something yet another thing comes up?  I often think that is one way of life making jokes to us.  But I don’t think it’s funny.

Our life is like a journey; sometimes we know where we are going and sometimes we don’t.  But there’s something satisfying whenever we’re focused on a goal and we are working hard to achieve it.  We often set our minds on goals especially if we had previous others that could never materialize.


But then the joke’s on us: life happens and detours appear.  It’s like standing in front of an intersection where we our road to the North divides into East and West.  Whenever this happens in my life….I feel so lost.

I know I should read the Bible; but when it has to be about matters of the heart just reading the Bible isn’t enough.  Fasting and prayer will make God real in our lives.  I honestly don’t know how people can manage whenever they have to deal with these situations.  When I was far away from God; my life was in chaos.  I even had panic attacks because I didn’t have God’s support.  I felt alone and I was alone.

But now in this moment when the detour is just in front of me; I know what I have to do.  It’s still confusing, it can still be painful….but I have hope.  We all have hope.  And we don’t have to lose it.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.  The Lord works out everything for His own ends-even the wicked for a day of disaster.”  Proverbs 16:3-4

I hope this message makes you stop for a moment from wherever you are going.  Just think, read & pray.  Godspeed!



Well, it’s almost the middle of the first month of this year.  Have you already started your new year resolutions?  Is it a diet?  Is it to exercise more?  Is it to go back to school and finish your college degree?  Is it to get a new job?  Well, whatever it is….make a plan.  I hope you already bought an agenda with very useful calendars where I can put my next plan into action.

If you’re not an organized person; an agenda could be very helpful; unless you’re such a mess that can’t even remember where did you put it in the first place….  But try to keep it in just one place so that way you can always find it.  Throw or give away the things that you don’t need.  You’ll have more space and more visibility in case you lose stuff.

This year has started OK for my daughter and me.  This last week I finished the a training for a program to be a teacher in Texas.  I’m pretty excited and expectant about that.  It’s like heading into this great adventure into the unknown.  There’s still nothing certain until I pass the TeXes; but the day is there: March 31st, 2015.

Steps have been taken, now it’s to keep disciplining myself into studying and reviewing what I have learned so far.  God will make His final decision; even if the decision isn’t what I expected….I will accept the outcome.  His plans are better than mine.  He knows if I will succeed or fail.  He knows if my steps will lead me to my victory or my defeat.  It’s so good to know that God is still in control.  Because He knows the future and He wants the best for me.

I will leave you with this verse:  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”  Proverbs 3:5-6

Make this verse yours this year!  God Bless You ❤

Have a Happy New Year 2015!!

Happy bitstrip year!

I often visualize a new year like a book filled with blank pages.  When an old year finishes; the book closes when the final chapter called December 31 ends at 11:59 PM.  What will the new year bring?  We can only wish for good things, health, prosperity or maybe achieve the goals that were kept on hold during this year that passed.  What did you leave unfinished?  Was it a diet, a trip plan, your studies, unfinished work, a debt, a promise…?

Did you have to say good-bye to someone?  Did you welcome somebody new to your life?  Will this new year bring new friends, new acquaintances, or maybe a new love?  You could probably answer the first two questions but not the last one.  But you know what?  It’s better that way.  Let this new year be like a huge surprise.  Visualize it like a wrapped gift with a huge bow.  You don’t know what’s inside; but it’s exciting to guess what’s in it for you.

Live everyday to the fullest; be thankful, be expectant, be hopeful, be disciplined…. If you have a goal of reading the Bible, do it.  If you have plan to take care of your health, don’t waste another day.  Take care of your body and your soul.  Grow closer to God, to your family and to your friends.  Grow closer to yourself.  You deserve happiness, peace, love, good health & prosperity.  That is my new year wish for you.  God Bless You!

I am the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”  Revelation 22:13

blank page

Merry Christmas!

Bitstrip Christmas

I just wanted to post this message to wish all who read this, a very happy Christmas with your loved ones.  The most important part of this celebration isn’t gifts, food or even visiting family and friends.  It’s having a silent night remembering that God loved us enough to send His begotten Son to save us.  Let us be grateful for His love, His blessings…His sacrifice.  Peace on Earth; Good will to all men!


Guess Who Celebrates Her 1st Birthday…..


Yeah, me again.  The fabulous Midna!  And my servants have thrown the apartment out of the window, all just for me….  I’m about to show you how they decorated my castle to my liking so I can play at my leisure.  Meow!

CIMG2940 First, to celebrate this important occasion they put this huge tree with lots of colored lights and dangling shining toys so I can entertain myself pushing them with my paw, throwing them all over the floor.  I can never understand why one of my servants gets upset when I play like this….doesn’t she get that I can’t help pushing around stuff that dangles?  What’s the point of putting them there if I can’t play with them, right?

Oh, but I really like to get under my birthday tree.  The view from under it is spectacular…….

don’t you think?CIMG2941

But, what I mostly like about my birthday tree toy is the little house with the little human figurines that lies under it.

Now this is the most entertaining part of my toy.  I just push them once and they fall asleep.  Aren’t they awesome? CIMG2952

Yeah this is the perfect birthday celebration.  But what can I tell you?  I deserve it.  It’s my castle, my servants….now, let’s see what I should play with next?  Hmmm, interesting….

CIMG2960  CIMG2961



Wow! Time is going way fast.  We’re already in December.  I still remember receiving this year so recently.  Christmas is here again; the tree is up, colored lights are up, Christmas shopping…not done yet.  But this week has been hectic; I finished homeschooling, I finished the voice lessons I gave on Monday nights at church, yesterday I finished the Saturday classes I gave to kids, one project of Pearson ended on Friday but at least I just started training for another one….needless to say, it’s been a week of endings.  But that means that when some things end; other things begin.

This past week we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday.  On Wednesday December 3 she arrived to the age of 97.  Without planning, my younger sister VQ and my cousin Carlos decided to give her a “parranda” with Christmas and church music.  Another word for “parranda” is “asalto”  which literally means assault or robbery.  But don’t be afraid; a robbery had nothing to do with what we did.  We just sang songs to her, ate cake and gave her a little bit of happiness.  If it was actually planned it wouldn’t have turned out to be such a moving experience.  My grandma cried and praised the Lord.  And that’s what we should do.  Give happiness to others; visit the elderly, give hope to the needy….even if they’re from your own family.  Make a difference!

Welcome December!  Let old things end and let new things start in your life.

(Top photograph: Painting made by my uncle Frank Cruz)

Ten Things I Am Thankful for:

Happy Thanksgiving

1)  God’s mercy for another day of life.

2)  For all the bad things that didn’t happen and for all the bad things that did happen.

3)  For all the great things that have happened and all the greater things yet to come.

4)  For all the love, peace, madness, craziness, laughter, tears, depressions, hate, fights, kisses, hugs, disappointments, embarrassments…etc: it means that I’m still alive!

5) For all my family, friends, acquaintances I have shared all of my life and for those that I will still meet on the following years.

6) For the talents I have been given and the opportunity of sharing them with others.

7) For my health, for what I have, for what I have lost and for all I will gain.

8) For the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained and for the knowledge and wisdom that I still lack.

9) For sacrifices….the most powerful demonstration of love.

10) For the chance of saying: Thank you God!

Just sharing a very small list of all the things that I am thankful for today.   What are you thankful for?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Birthday To Us!


Birthday weekend has arrived!  November 22 – Day of the Musician and also the day I commemorate the anniversary of my arrival on this planet.  The year was 1967 and the Vietnam War was still going on.  I even have a photo that was taken that day from an old encyclopedia commemorating that year.

Looking back at past birthdays; the most recent ones have come and gone without any significant fuzz.  I guess I’m already sinking in that I’m in my late 40’s; even though I still think I’m in my 30’s.  Time has gone too fast.  I don’t think I’m ready to get old yet; but my body begs to differ.

I have to take care of my diet or I’ll regret it later when my clothes won’t fit anymore or my health gets worse.  What really annoys me is how bad my vision has deteriorated.  It could be catastrophic for an avid reader like me.  But I’m managing at accepting that aging is a part of life.

Each one of us has to go through this journey called “life”.  Jesus taught us that there are only two paths in life.  He said:

Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  Matthew 7:14

 We decide which path we will take.  A long time ago, I chose the narrow gate.  Unfortunately, I did stray in these 47 years; but like the prodigal son (or daughter in my case) I came back.  The Lord received me with open arms and I’ve never looked back ever since.  It’s not easy being a Christian specially in these times when there is so much persecution.  But it’s worth it.  Each day is a new discovery and there’s a new hope.

I have recalled the past many times; but I choose to live in the present.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t think about the future.  I do wonder what death will be like but I’m not afraid of it.  No Christian should be scared of death.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”  Psalm 116:15

That is one of the differences between us and the rest of the world.  People choose not to think about death because they are scared; but we accept and embrace eternity.  We know WHO awaits us at the end of our narrow road and it’s a wonderful thought.

Nevertheless, I don’t wanna make this a sad post just a reflective one, hey, I will only be 47 once in my life, you know.  After that, number will increase more and more.  Hopefully I will spend the rest of my days surrounded by the ones that I love; at least, that’s my prayer.

On this next Sunday, the celebration continues because it’s my daughter’s turn; she will turn 12 years old.  Yeah, I spent my 35th birthday with labor pains.  But since that birthday in 2002; every following November 22 & 23’s turn out to be the longest birthday celebration ever.  This year will be no exception; and the best part is…that it’s on a weekend!

In conclusion, enjoy life….choose wisely…..love….embrace eternity.  And have a great weekend!

(The drawing for today’s post was an early birthday gift from my daughter Anna)  She knows that I have two favorite anime’s:  “Go Lion” & “Thundercats”.  Aren’t these drawings amazing??!!  I’m so proud of my talented little girl!  Happy Birthday Anna!  Momma loves you!